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Space Adventures is an intermediate science fiction RP. Set in the nineties of the 36th century, the story takes place in an unknown galaxy filled with thirteen planets, each filled with a multitude of alien wildlife and people. In the year 3590, aliens called the Evoknights invaded Earth, destroying and killing everything in sight ruthlessly. Without hope of survival, ten ships were made and as quickly as they could the desperate people of Earth booked tickets for their beloved children and supplied ships with their best in medicine, engineering, communications, and other crucial people to creating a new civilization wherever they would end up.

Unfortunately, some ships were lost, few crash landed on planets where humans were used as slaves or sold away. Whatever humans grouped together must help each other in hopes of survival in a world where they are not only a minority, but a new, unknown species nearly extinct. If they don't, then they must pray or work their hardest to stop from being taken for research in science or for the pleasure of collectors or for more sinister creatures looking for quick money. In a world like this, it seems in possible to survive, but as the humans stay on these planets they notice powers that they'd never had before. Powers ranging from any level, making some of them like gods. With the upper hand, it makes life a little easier, or do their new powers attract the curiosity of already intrigued aliens?

It's been almost a year since the humans crash landed into the alien world and their problems only seem to get worse. From the polluted skies the Evoknights are back, this time targeting the planet of Sigma. The destruction of their hyper-advanced weaponry far surpass those that are used in this time. The aliens with technology seemed so revolutionary was now obsolete in mere seconds. In the ruins of cities, patrols of Evoknight soldiers walk the streets every morning and night, killing everyone on sight. Those who can flee, the foolish fight with the planet's armies, and the unlucky are trapped in the aftermath, trying to survive. The reach of the Evoknight power seems to be migrating, and before the season ended a fleet had made its way to Varsia, destroying the beauty of Cooperio Island. The two planets are on their own, no help from their neighboring worlds coming to aid them.

In Gertragia, a revolutionary civil war rages. The monarchy of the peaceful planet has been challenged by the people and now they fight each other for what they believe. Two royalties of different families. Prince Naito and Princess Jinx. Those who fight for Prince Naito, the next heir to the throne, fight in small numbers for their soon-to-be king. Princess Jinx, an Ilet ancient ruler from times past after being frozen in time to combat a terrible sickness. Now thawed out, the Gertragians that fight for her believe she should retake the throne that had been hers for many lost years. Who would win? The fate of Gertragia is uncertain.

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