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 Stone of Red(Open-ish)

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PostSubject: Stone of Red(Open-ish)   Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:07 pm

Raimaru opened his eyes. He'd fallen asleep, lying slumped against these apartment walls. His back hurt. Ronny had told him to leave the cave. And so he did. For reasons unknown to him, he'd come here. Maybe it was the small chink of his soul he had left, yearning for civilization. Or maybe he wasn't a completely emotionless doll, suspended by the strings orchestrated by anyone who came along. In his hand, the diamond was glowing a soft red, casting purple-y shadows into his eyes and giving him a ghoulish air.

His fingers tightened around it. Closing all the light off. The stone radiated false emotions that sometimes leeched onto him;was it possible that it was manipulating him, too? That it was forcing him to protect it? Nonsense. It was a stone, sharp, cold, hard. Like him. Unthinking, merciless.

It was strange, to anyone who saw him. Why would someone protect something of so little value so dearly with their own life? It was a diamond, yes-but those things had little value in space. They were used for gathering dust and as paperweights. The stone throbbed in his hand, violent red pulsing from it like blood from a heart. Raimaru's eyes closed a little, half-lidded now. The light danced in the silver iridescent of his gaze.

He simply sat there. His body required nothing at the moment. He'd eaten well the day before, enough that he wasn't famished with hunger. He was well hydrated, and had just woken from a whole night of slumber. He required nothing and so asked for nothing. In many ways, he would be the perfect soldier. Never sentimental, following orders flawlessly, merciless in the slaying of his enemies. One wouldn't believe he was a boy of merely fourteen;some would think him younger, some older.

No matter what they thought, he didn't care. He didn't even have the capacity or enough emotion to do that. He was just there, awaiting his next orders, while everything tried to chip away at his adamant-hard appearance.
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Stone of Red(Open-ish)
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