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 Solar Log: Jexian Galaxy

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Deus Dormio

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Solar Log: Jexian Galaxy Empty
PostSubject: Solar Log: Jexian Galaxy   Solar Log: Jexian Galaxy EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 5:00 pm

Galaxy Code: 28-76-002-11010

Solar System Count: 5.983267327583[...]459

Explored System Count: 12
Bobarian System
Geno System
Jasperon System
Veminous System(?-Unfound)
Joan System (Primary)
Baramian System
Prono System
Cavilon System
Evokian System
Gemini System
Richous System (Temporary System--Subgalactic)
Deadelous System (Commercial System)

Joan System--

Planetary Arrangement: Scattered System

Planetary Order (by distance):
Fandor One
Burano (extinct)
Fandor Six
Fandor Two
Fandor Four
Fandor Five
New Exford
Fandor Three
Ixler (Destroyed)
Fandor Seven

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Solar Log: Jexian Galaxy
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