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 rambo'neil's men of war

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Sagittarius Pig
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PostSubject: rambo'neil's men of war   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:12 pm

Name: Sam O'Neil

in a freak accident at a nuclear power plant when he was ten, he was given a leathal dose of radiation. when they recovered him, he was almost dead so he was given a set of implants: a reactor, a neural interface and a large number of nano-wires.

  • The nano-wires gather radiation from around his body and either expels it from his body or forces it back into his reactor for storage, however, he has to expel the radiation at some time and he usually allows it to seep into the body of any of his enemies or any plant he encounters, either that or he expels it from pores in his fist to allow his punches to be radioactive.
  • The neural interface draws energy from his reactor and allows him to power any electronic he comes in contact with, and he is also able to hack any electrical device he comes in contact with, even if the hacking power is not as powerful as the VISOR system, as well as control any of his devices. it is actually resistant to the visor system because it is directly controlled by the human brain and acts as an extra 10% of processing power. to hack it, you would need to kill the person, come into contact with the interface, and directly read the chemical reactions in the brain.
  • The reactor is a nuclear fission reactor that uses a one gram of uranium-236 or a gram of californium as reaction mass, it is also able to store radiation for a short amount of time, but if the storage period is too long than the reactor releases all the radiation in a large burst, potentially killing anyone in a 1 kilometer radius. it is possible to reload the reactor by directly opening a small on his back and placing the raction mass inside a small compartment. the panel is made of an experimental collapsed atom alloy plated with monomolecular plating.
  • he also later added small motors to his own joints to increase his strength and reaction speed further. the only downside to this is that it drains a lot more from his reactor so he is able to turn them off at any time.

he controls a small ship the size of a very small frigate that actually acts more as a transport than a combat ship.

it houses his small platoon of bots that he controls via his neural interface and houses his research facility, where he continues his experiments with quark matter. the true FTL abilities of the ship are unknown even to Sam and his brother because he has never dared to take it past 20 lights (lightyears per second are referred to as lights).

his bots include: alpha types, bravo types and delta types
an example of an alpha type robot looks simmilar to a tank but is obviously much faster and has a mounted chaingun that can be swapped out for a rocket launcher

an example of a bravo type bot

an example of a delta type

he is technologically very very intelligent which is evident by the mere existence of his brother who is a clone and by the functionality of his ship. he has actually created a very large arsenal of weapons but only one of them fires lasers (actually it is one very large laser). his weapons include a "gunpowder" mackerov pistol, a Russian SVD, PPSH-41 and his self invented electromagnetic discharge AK-2000. more weapons are strapped to his bots but he does not mind tearing off one from time to time: BAAT (big ass anti tank) rocket launcher that uses a guided ramjet rocket with an antimatter warhead to deliver a very big boom, the shoulder mounted portable MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) pod that uses a dumb rocket propeled by hyperfullerene and is mainly used as at mid-long range but is capable of providing indirect fire support, a IBSAW (infantry buster squad automatic weapon) that is a chaingun that uses electromagnetc discharges to fire a collapsed atom bead that size of a .50 caliber bullet at a 3/20ths of the speed of light, and finally, the terrawatt laser that converts about a terravolt into heat energy at a gigajoule a second and produces the beam by injecting variable amounts of antimatter into an argon tank where the reaction excites the atoms and encourages them to put out more energy which is in turn focused and fired from one end.

he probably has one of the most highest kill counts out of the humans. an evoknight convoy was moving to one of its objectives while he sat on top of a mountain 7 kilometers away with his sniper rifle and drew a bead on one of them. an hour later, the countryside is in ruins. he manufactures all his weapons and therefore, none of them are known to the government, neither is his ship or any of his projects. a charicteristic feature of these weapons is that: scince the use of lasers has become widespread, weapons manufacturers have started making armor more resistant to lasers and plasma. this means that projectile armoring has slacked off a bit and his pistol has enough power to go through a medium tank longways.

he is the CEO of a weapons company of at current, 90 employees including himself, his brother helps him run the company. they develop unique weaponry that propel a collapsed atom alloy bead at a fraction of the speed of light and could probably put down a medium tank with one shot. he also provides misc other technologies such as portable shoulder launched nukes, fully automated combat mechanations, again shoulder launched verities of long range fire support and their most notable one, the Terrawatt laser

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Sagittarius Pig
Posts : 202
Join date : 2011-01-01
Age : 23
Location : i should tell you why?

PostSubject: Re: rambo'neil's men of war   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:48 pm

black hair anime guy Pictures, Images and Photos" border="0" alt="" />

Name: LPEO-1 (Lifeform Project Etrius, type Omega version 1)

He is technically a clone of Sam but both he and Sam consider him a brother. he is a nice guy but he is a bit too logical and neutral for his own good, it is not bad, but he doesn't make friends easily, or lose them easily. his implants are very similar to his brother but his reflex time is a bit faster and his bone structure is noticeably weaker.

he helps Sam with his experiments but mostly runs errands to and from the ship in a small fighter/shuttle

it is also the only method he and Sam have of traveling to and from the ship, because none of the bots have any sort of life support system.

he is trained in hand to hand combat in jujitsu, kung-fu and his own version of fighting aimed at vital organs and weak points. in addition to hand to hand, he is trained in the use of firearms, some of his fighting methods actually integrates handguns into hand to hand maneuvers. his anti-personnel weaponry consists of a "gunpowder" G18, G36 and P90 as well as his self invented electromagnetic discharge P540. For anti-armor purposes, he usually uses a (again self invented) javelin 98A that uses a self propelled ramjet engine with a tracking system and an antimatter warhead to deliver maximum damage and it can also be used for indirect fire support because it is projectile weapon, and unlike its predecessors, it is able to track onto and destroy airborne bandits.

he actualy plays more the role of a commando instead of a commander as he is slightly faster than Sam but lacks the technological know how to command a single bot. he tried it with an out dated delta type and managed to destroy it in the first few minutes, really good pilot though but if you are in the shuttle while he's dogfighting than you better have more than one barf bag.
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rambo'neil's men of war
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