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 Yeah... It's a failish Yang fanfiction. :3

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Yeah... It's a failish Yang fanfiction. :3 Empty
PostSubject: Yeah... It's a failish Yang fanfiction. :3   Yeah... It's a failish Yang fanfiction. :3 EmptyWed Jan 12, 2011 1:34 am

Prologue-The Disappearance Of Hotaru, Yin

"Hey, Yin!" chirped a happy voice. His white-haired sister looked towards him, a smile on her lips. "Brother!I almost ate without you!" she teased, ruffling his hair as he ran up to her. The boy frowned. "You wouldn't really have, would you?" he asked in a serious voice. Yang Hotaru was a very serious child. At eight-years-old, he was a fair height with unruly black hair that was as dark as coal. His eyes were a deep orange-red, like embers tucked under a fire to keep it hot and flammable. His skin was pale, his limbs long and spindly. Yin, the younger of the twins, was almost his exact opposite. Though their heights were the same, their appearance was not. While obviously maintaining the fact that she was female and he was male, she also had snow-white hair with little streaks of silver in it. It reached down to her waist, and she always made up and excuse for Yang to brush it for her, even though he would without prompt. He loved playing with his sister's hair. Yin's eyes, too, were very much different. Instead of the fiery amber Yang possessed, her eyes were as blue as the sea. Crystal clear, shining with a light so pure it made anyone think she might have been an angel instead. Their features were similar, but Yin's were more rounded and Yang's were sharper.
"No, of course not, Yang! You're such a worry-wart!" Yin said with a giggle, grabbing his hand in hers and leading him to their little home. They were orphans. But, then again, so were most demon children after the war. The Hotarus were lucky. They had food and water, and a place to sleep. But with those securities also came a risk. That the demon council would call them.

Elementals were appearing everywhere now. Most were rogues. They didn't want to cooperate with the army. Those were killed. Others were taken in, trained with care, and became merciless killers. The twins had always been told of those who were not in the army, that they were killed because they were enemies of the Night World. Yin and Yang accepted that. They weren't interested in politics, but they thought this was right. The Demon Council had enlisted the army to help with war efforts and they'd lingered. So the council had made them guards and military. They needed more young demons every day... But they should be safe. Neither had an element. So it would be okay! Right?
Yin pulled her twin into their small, rickety home. The Night World appeared to be set a thousand years before Day-Light World time, so they had a thatch roof and planks of wood for floors. The girl always prepared their meals, and was trying to teach her brother. "You'll need this one day!" she would say scoldingly when he complained. Yang normally went out into the forest or the town, which was more modernized, to forage for food. Their father and mother, who'd been great demons in the war, had left them this home and a large hunting knife, made from the claw of their father himself. They were wolf demons, but their mother was a bird demon. So they were what the demons called hybrids. Yang had his mother's wings, and had his father's ability to shift into his demon on command. Yin could change into a bird, but seemed to have no traits of a wolf.

Yin's blue eyes locked on Yang. "Okay, so you clean off the table and I'll set supper down in a second!" she chimed sweetly. Yang nodded, smiling. He'd do anything for his sister. Even though they were as different as night and day... Much unlike his bubbly sister, he preferred to stay in the shadows, only providing the warmth of a flame when he was truly needed or wanted while she was always there, a ray of silver moonlight to pierce any darkness the world might muster up. He envied her care-free spirit, almost. Envied the innocence in which she saw things, when really the whole thing was an illusion crafted by her own hands. She chose to forget, chose to forgive instead of lingering in past mistakes. Living on was all she cared for. She was the kind that lived in the moment, didn't look forwards towards her more-than-likely bright future, nor looked back at the past, riddled with doubt and splotched over with half-forgotten memories. Yang sighed while he took a damp rag, wiping it over the rough wood of their table, getting rid of any lingering dust.

After a moment, he heard a thud at the door. "Who could be calling at this hour...?" he said aloud, his voice dull and idle. He hated cleaning with a passion. Any excuse to get out of it was good. He ambled over to the door, ignoring the glare Yin shot his way. The door was merely a large slab of wood, with an old-looking lock and a skeleton key. Yin was scared of it. Yang had to hide the key sometimes when Yin had bad dreams. They often shared the same bed due to dreams or warmth issues... Yang exuded an almost unnatural heat. When it was cold out Yin would cuddle up to him, and they would sit in their room for hours, with Yang reading to her or telling a story he'd heard from their parents.
Yang twisted the knob and opened the door. Opening the door, there was a tall shadow blocking the moon's silver rays. His eyes went wide. "Hello?" he asked, hiding his fear. "Hotaru?" The way the mystery guest said it, it seemed like a blessing or a guess. It seemed familiar. Almost. Yang took a step back. "Yes, this is the Hotaru house." he growled. The figure extended his hand, holding it up. Instantly, several demons piled into the small house. Yang's eyes went huge. He heard a glass fall and break in the other room, heard Yin cry out in panic. "Brother!" He felt fear well in him. What would happen if Yin was hurt? If he lost Yin? Mom and Dad had left him already... He didn't want to be alone! Yang instantly lashed out, catching one demon in the face and swinging him against the wall. He fought his way into the other room, just to see Yin being cradled, limp, in the stranger's arms. "No! Sister!"


He opened his eyes, his vision blurry. "What happened?" he murmured, sitting up. The boy clutched his head in his hand. "Ow," he whimpered softly. He looked over. There was Yin, lying down asleep. He shook her shoulder. "Sister! Sis, are you okay?" he asked worriedly. The girl didn't stir at first. Then her eyes gleamed like sapphires as she opened them. "Brother?" she rasped. Yang wrapped one arm around her protectively, pulling her into his lap. He played with her hair absently. "Do you remember what happened?" They were in a cage. It was strange and unfamiliar. Every time he tried to remember, he drew a blank. Yin shook her head. "No." She shivered, and Yang held her closer. Yin was wearing only a little blue sundress, which reached down to her knees. It didn't have but a thin strap, a seashell clasped to the fabric on the center of her chest. Yang wasn't wearing much more, just a green t-shirt and khaki shorts. But he was never cold. So he shared his warmth with her, wrapping thin arms around her. They waited. They didn't talk, for they both knew that it could result in possible death. After a while, a male demon came to get them. "The girl, first." he growled, yanking Yin up. She looked scared, and Yang growled. Then he took her hand comfortingly. "Don't worry, Yin." Then she was gone.


After a little while had passed, the man came back. Yin wasn't with him. Yang's eyes had brightened, waiting to see his beloved sister. But they dulled quickly. He'd soon assumed this man was an enemy. "Where is Yin?" The man just grabbed his arm, hauling him out of the cage. He didn't make a sound. Pain was a weakness. So was fear. "The female is in the Council room." the male grunted finally. Yang felt his stomach freeze into a ball of ice, icy claws reaching up to surround his heart. Council? So this was their doing? He followed obediently, until they came to a large room. He looked around, but couldn't see Yin.
There was a table in the middle of the room. In front of the table sat a long row of chairs, each filled with a demon. Yang gulped. The Demon Council. What was he here for? The male demon led him to the chair by the desk, pushing down hard on his shoulder until he sat. Then the man stood behind him, making sure he wouldn't try to run. Yang couldn't. Not without Yin.

On the table was a piece of paper. It was a grainy piece of bark, sun-bleached and thin. Next to it was a candle, a bowl of water, a stone, and a few dry leaves. Yang stared at the artifacts, looking wary. What was this? It was too strange. The demons in the Council seemed to speak all at once, but it was one voice. "Welcome, Hotaru. Please take the paper, as it is an element seeking tree. Hold the paper over each object." He waited for a moment, then lifted the paper. It was dry and flaky in his grasp. He held it first over the pile of leaves. Nothing happened. He heard a scribbling sound. Then silence. He held the paper over the stone. Again nothing happened. Another scribble. Silence. He held it over the water. Again nothing happened. The suspense was making his heart pound. Couldn't they see he was just ordinary? They should let him go, reunite him with his sister and leave them alone.

He took a breath and held the paper over the candle. The candle hadn't been lit, but the wick was burned. Nothing. At first. After a few moments, a spark leapt from the wick. Then another. Then the wick burst into flames, scorching the paper and burning it up quickly. It reached his hand before he could pull back. When the fire touched his skin, Yang dropped the paper, flinging it into the vat of water as if it were a live thing. Then he realized something. The fir hadn't burned him. Curious, Yang placed his finger into the now-burning candle. Nothing. Just a warm feeling. The Council gasped. Then the demons regained control of themselves, the one at the front motioning with his hand. Yang was grabbed quickly by the shoulders. "What will you do, young one? Join our army or live as you did?" they asked in their oe voice. Yang felt furious. He was eight! He didn't want to fight in any stupid army! But what did Yin say? He frowned. "I want... To join your army." he said flatly. The Council seemed to purr. "Your sibling did not choose the same as you. She is of no use to us." He heard a whimper, and turned with wide amber eyes. What he saw shocked him into speechlessness.
Yin was lying in a male demon's arms. Yang didn't care to notice the features. His sister was covered in blood. "Yin?" he called. No answer. Fear rose. "Yin? Yin!" No reply. He started to panic. "Yin!?" He got up, sliding quickly past the guard. His sister was now on the ground, the demon who'd done this to her gone. Yang collapsed on his knees at her side, pulling her into his lap. "Yin!" he cried frantically. A faint shimmer of blue as she opened her eyes. Her face was unmarked, though blood was spattered below her eyes and on her cheeks from the bloody gash in her throat. It looked like massive claws had ripped into her, leaving a gash on her throat, another on her chest, and another ripping right through her stomach. Her blood soaked into his clothes. She smiled sweetly up at him. "Brother.... I'm cold..." she said in a small voice. Yang brushed her hair out of her face, fighting panic. He held her close. "Yin... It's going to be fine. Everything will be okay." he said automatically, his throat thick with lumps from some emotion he couldn't control. He'd felt it when he found out their parents were dead. He'd felt it those two weeks he'd kept it from Yin to protect her. The girl just smiled again, her fingers twining in his. "Brother... I want to go home. I want to see Momma and Daddy again." Tears sprang to his eyes, and he blinked hard to force them back. "Yin... Sister... I'll keep you warm." he said in a whisper, holding her closer. Her head was lolling, her eyes closing. "No.... Yang... I don't want to be warm 'nymore..." Her voice was slurred. Her frail grip on his fingers went lax, her hand falling from his to land on her chest. He hadn't noticed, but the whole time she'd been in his arms there had been a soft light emanating from her. Little glowing specks that were slowly growing larger. Yang still managed to hold back tears, unsure of what was going on. Yin looked so frail, her face paler than normal. Her eyes fluttered open suddenly. "Yang," she said suddenly, her voice warm and weak. "I want to see Momma... and Daddy.... Can you come too?" Yang's vision was obscured with his tears. His grip tightened further on her, but it seemed like she was drifting farther away. His arms closed on nothing. His shirt was bloodstained. There was a yellow shimmer glowing in the air. His arms were closed on something. But nothing was there. "No... Yin..." he said, his tears finally being allowed to spill over his cheeks. She'd left him. She'd disappeared, with no trace. Yang fell forwards, feeling a sudden snap of exhaustion. He could have sworn he saw shining sapphire eyes staring at him, filled with a smile. He couldn't tell. As he hit the ground, he murmured, "No... Yin.... I can't go with you..."


His eyes snapped open. Yang growled under his breath, leaning up from his position of sitting against a building. He'd been remembering again... And remembering was dangerous. It left him vulnerable to pain and sadness. It made him weak. He closed his fist on nothing, gritting his teeth. Yang stood up. He'd been in the army for nine years now. His body was lean and strong, thick muscles hidden beneath his snowy skin. His eyes were darker, but somehow dull. Like a skim of ice over a pool of water. The Demon Council had sent him on all sorts of assignments. From assassinations to information gathering... But all alone. It was the only thing they couldn't break him of. He hated being alone. But he couldn't stand the company of others. He was an odd boy.
But lately he'd been showing a rebellious nature, staying out later and longer, disobeying orders. They were going to speak with him tonight. But they couldn't speak with him if he wasn't there. Yes, tonight. He'd been planning this for over a year now. An escape to the Day-Light World. To live as a demon among humans, with a mask of invisibility. They wouldn't be able to find him. He didn't want to do their bidding anymore. They couldn't make him. He'd waited this long to perform this because he needed to learn how to fight and how to survive. Secretly, on missions, he'd been rationing his own food and water to see how long he could go. He was the military's pet. Not after tonight.
Yang flexed his fingers, flames crackling out of nowhere on his hand, sparks playing around his gloves. He'd designed them himself. A flammable material. But it didn't actually burn. It was a handy weapon if your opponent used poisonous spikes or anything of the sort... He started walking, allowing himself to remember again. The songs they'd used to sing to each other, voices the epitome of opposite as one sang with a pure musical air about her, the way her hips rolled slightly under her fair skin as she leaped and danced gracefully. Balancing out her total goodness, unearthly purity, was the darkest of all dreams. His voice was strong and rougher, holding despair in his hands like it was an injured dove. His movements portrayed the clumsy leaping of flames, his steps ensuring that her's were safe. He closed his eyes, disappearing into his room. Without sight he found his way to his bed, sitting down. In total darkness he relived the sweet memories of his twin. Then Yang opened his eyes. They seemed to burn with cold fire. I'll get out of here tonight. I still can't go with you, Yin.


((I only wrote the prologue so far. I'm not sure where this is going, exactly. If this goes over well with you guys, I'll post more. But if not... I'm okay with dropping it. Cause it sucks. Utterly and completely. I had to look at some of my oldest posts on here as reference for Yang's behavior. So... Yeah. Please tell me what'cha think.))

Day-Light World: Human's world. They are oblivious to the Night World.
Night World(I know someone's probably already used this, and I apologize to that person wherever they may be):The world of demons. Run by the Demon Council. They are aware of the Day-Light World.
Elementals: Some demons in the Night World have control over an element. The four elements demonstrated in this story are Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. These four elements keep the Night World hidden. Lesser Elements (Grass, Poison, Light, Darkness/Shadow, ect.,) guard and patrol the Night World to keep humans from accidentally wandering in.

((That there is just a little dictionary in case anyone was confused...))
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Yeah... It's a failish Yang fanfiction. :3
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