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 Orin's Logs

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PostSubject: Orin's Logs   Orin's Logs EmptyWed Feb 02, 2011 2:04 pm

Name: Orin Vaetriss
Age: 35 (semi-young for a telbaran)
Gender: male
Species: Alien (Telbaran)
Sexuality: Uncertain. See the species bio. {Bicurious??}
Date Of Birth: 8/15
Appearance: The cybernetic armor is more yellow than usual.
Personality: Open, Intelligent, and studious, orin is a master engineer and a great leader.
History: Telbarans rarely record histories. The only known historical fact is that orin was born into the temporal division and is the top leader in that division.
Other: nah.

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PostSubject: Re: Orin's Logs   Orin's Logs EmptyWed Feb 02, 2011 2:09 pm

Name: Kumeridas
Age: 5 years old.
Gender: male
Species: Kydextrians
Sexuality: Heterosexual??
Date Of Birth: 5/5
Appearance: Orin's Logs Pbucket
Personality: Friendly, open, scholarly, and reveres anything reitous/good. Overall, he would be a great leader, often getting along with just about anybody. However, eletists would find him to be attrocious at best.
History: Kumeridas is the leader of the Gertagian kydextrians. Trained in leadership, he was the top individual amoungst the most recent tribes of kydextrians that have just emerged for the first time. Most of his life is unconventional, but at least he is one of the most unique Kydextrians in existance.
Other: Anything else?

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PostSubject: Re: Orin's Logs   Orin's Logs EmptyWed Feb 02, 2011 2:12 pm

Name: Neil Taulsin Anderson
Age: 35
Gender: male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Usual.
Date Of Birth: 7/12
Power: Leadership - Neils skill in managing and leading others is simply incredible. There is nothing he cannot train, research, or manage given a chance even for himself. Further, he is a master at coordinating teamed efforts. When he wills it, he can exert his own will versus others to force them to do things they wont normally do as well, but this is subject to his will versus theirs. Further, this force cannot go against anothers personality and actions, except when their lives depend on it.
Appearance: Orin's Logs Pbucket
Personality: While Neil tries to be open, his Leadership power often gets in the way. This often gets him into deep trouble, especially in controversial situaitons. However, he is easy to get along with, albeit very dangerous due to his special power.
Beggining Supplies: The rifle is a 2nd gen fusion rifle that works great versus most robots. The armor is made from state of the art cybernetics, and has a good shield system he developed himself. Its fairly thick and defensible, but not very advanced due to the sitation. The suit has an advanced lifesupport system, with communcaitons and radar spanning roughly one full planet of average size intually. Further, the suit has advanced jamming technologies that make it difficult to detect/see on radar an with most visual systems. However, the equipments are sorta old as well.
History: Neil's leadership power has always been a curse and a blessing to his reputation. While he has always been open for a human, he was generally condenmed by the humans no thanks to his contolling yet leniant ways. When he was deported from the planet by a military squadron, he crash landed on Gertagia, and the forces are still trying to locate him on that planet.
Other: Nah...
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Orin's Logs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Orin's Logs   Orin's Logs Empty

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Orin's Logs
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