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 Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!

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PostSubject: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:05 pm

Dostaria trudged through the green-gray trampled forest, closely behind the Svetian Bird that had purchased her. She glanced up at the foliage surrounding them. So she'd changed owners once again, eh? It was weird, being treated like an object. Humans were so used to being free, or at least the ones who had experienced it were. Owning another human being had been made illegal hundreds of years ago one Earth, and she expected it had been here as well. It had been a pretty big crowd gathered near the stage though, it was a wonder the authorities hadn't been more suspicious. This man didn't seem to be from the wayside though, in fact he looked pretty normal.

The pair came to a ship, which she and Bobario soon boarded. After a short ride they arrived at their destination, wherever that was. Taking care not to fall on her fast as the disembarked, Dostaria looked again at her surroundings. The lush fauna surrounding her was emerald green and shimmering once more. There was a building nearby, it looked like a house. This place was beautiful really, it was such a step up from the wasteland known as Weavon. That place, she needed to forget about it. And she did for a moment as she marveled at a flower the size of a beach ball, it's petals were cream with gently curling tips and bright green stamen standing over them. This place would be great to explore; but something told her she wouldn't be doing much of that. No, she may not suffer much under the hands of her new master but she wouldn't be free either. She raised her gaze to meet his eyes, then looked away again as she realized he was surveying her. Then he spoke to her, almost like another human would, if that human didn't know what another human was. "Yes, I can speak," she said. Her voice sounded strange, different from the one in her thoughts. "I'm a human, and my name is Dostaria." She raised her red eyes to his olive green ones. "May I ask you of your name?"

"I was going to say "blitz my chakras" a lot. I'm serious about that. It was going to be my go-to line. Like, dude, just go apeshit on those chakras. I'm not paypalling you a Benjie and a half for a bunch of weaksauce chakras. I want a chakra you can hang your hat on, WHILE you fry an egg on it, and makes you HIGH just in the amount of time it takes you to go Google whatever the fuck a chakra IS."
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:30 pm

The leader of C Squad yawned as he watched two beings walk through the forest. A slave and the master. There were a lot of them lately. He himself was a slave until San-san saved him from the cluthces of his ... sinful, homosexual master. That was a great thing for him because he was straight. He pushed this thought away and put his binaculars up again. He continued to watch them like shadow of Death, though he had no intention of becoming death until San-san wanted another human in the facility...

Human was a rare commodity, now days. They always have been. San-san himself purchased many of them. He kept all of them deep within the facility for experiment. It was only because of them that the Gertragia-division of the HTU made the Hagar Device similar to the one that the Evoknights developed.

The rest of the C Squad roamed through the forest, with only five of them keeping an eye on these two, the leader of C Sqaud excluded. They were waiting for a capture or kill order, which might never arrive if San-san didn' want anymore slaves. Perhaps that other human did though... Lately, one human has been visitng San-san, providing him money and arnament to fight the Evoknights. San-san did comply and did so; he hated the Evoknight, they were the reason for recent decline in connection with the other Evoknight bases.

The leader of the C Squad narrowed his eyes. That human... Giovani or something.... he looked like a snake. He acted like a snake, and he talked like a snake. Heck, he could be a snake in disguise of a human!

The leader of C Squad quickly shook his head. He then pushed the thought aside and continued his observation on the two, perhaps the human might want her. Perhaps not. All he did was wait for the order to come. So he watched. And he watched. And he watched.
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:34 pm

The shockers were on the trail of where the ship went as they came across another group.They knew the area well and stood hidden thanks to thier cloaking device they had.They noticed they were waiting for something mabye a signal,then they watched thier targets.They got into postion for a sniper fire, but first called thier leader first."Sir we have found the human but thier seems to be another group following them as well"He said into the phone, and got a reply."Good job now don't do anything until someone starts something and then move in for the capture , and if you can take a prison from the other group"Neon said from the other side of the phone, then closed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:22 pm

As Neil arrived to examine the situation, he knew it would be rash to just run in and battle. "Ok... my leadership ability indicates that the slave may be on the brink of leaving this area. According to the reports, another group is also working on trying to capture her. That would be unthinkable. So, we have 2 missions to execute. One to eliminate the rivals, and another to recapture her.

Now, this has to be done carefully, so as to ensure victory. Signs indicate that they will be soon to deploy the prisoner to the spacecraft. If that fails, we will be in deep trouble. So... if push comes to shove, and we notice her on the brink, you are to be ready to redeploy to there quickly but carefully.

Failure is not an option. Its apparent that the prisoner is by far too valuable to take lightly. So, lets do it, but carefully." They employed stealth, beginning their operations. Hopefully this would result in a victory, which seemd rather likely.
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:31 pm

The leader of the C Squad groaned. His radar, which was a implant, vibrated. Someone aside from the target and his squad was in the area. This would not be good. Especially if they were after them or the human. But his orders were to keep watch and keep out of trouble until order was given. So the basic HTU rules were in order: if a order was given to watch and stay out of trouble and trouble is immenient but avoidable, then retreat back to the nearest base of operation. So he obeyed the rule and ordered his soldiers to retreat. All of them groaned silently before they all disappeared back into the forest.

The leader of the C Squad sighed. Lately, there was a lot of rival groups in the area. But he had prepared something good himself and before his squad retreated, he unleashed quiet a deadly monster: Morween.

[Exit C Squad and Enter NPC Morween]

The morween that the C Squad leader unleashed looked around quietly. Its cage was open. It cracked a ugly grin before it let out a loud roar into the forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:16 pm

Human? He'd heard of them, but he'd never seen one before. No wonder they wanted her so badly... She was a rare specimen indeed. His look of astonishment turned into a grin. She didn't seem like she had bad character either. Amos won't mind her, he thought.

"Bobario," he answered kindly, smiling at Dostaria. "Now come along," he told her, going around the path not far from the home near them. She was interesting indeed, but if he was going to get her anywhere he'd need a good reason for Amos to keep her. Knocking on the door of the luxurious house, it was no time before the doorman, Hudskus, opened the door.

"Welcome back," he said in his monotone voice, bowing briefly before moving out of the way so they could pass. Nodding and giving a word of greeting, Bobario walked inside. Hudskus grunted mild interest, the click of the door sounding as it closed and the scuffle of feet dying down as the man left.

The house was large. Peach-colored floors of marble stretched across the vast opening and trailed to different rooms of the house. It was extravagant, its bigness merely an exaggeration made by the walls and fixtures. The house was hardly as big as it made itself to be, but still, it was nice looking. Without a word, Bobario led the way down a corridor, passing a door and then another before stopping in front of one. He knocked on the door and waited for the response of the man he knew was there.

"Come in!" Called a the voice of a young man behind the door. Bobario opened it gently, stepping into the room. Daylight shone from the large open window, lighting up the shelved of books and references. In front of the window was a large desk, stacks of paper making towards on it, others scattered around haphazardly. From the desk, black eyes searched them from afar, curiosity and tiredness in their depths. Rounded ears stood still in waiting. "Who is... This?" He asked, gesturing to Dostaria.

He eyed her closely, obvious that, like Bobario, he didn't know what she was either. "Dostaria, sir," Bobario answered. "She's a human." The eyes of the rat-man widened in surprise. "She was bought in an auction..." The eyes of the red-haired man narrowed.

"Yes." There was a long pause of silence as the ratman forgot his work for a moment and thought this over. It was long moment before something was done. He got up from his seat, going around the desk and standing in its front. He glanced once at Bobario before speaking.

"Welcome then, Dostaria," he told her with a moderate smile. "I'm Amos. Hopefully you can make yourself homey here."

OOC: This post is utter fail and was forced out. u.u
Also, this is supposed to be a calm, uneventful thread. No commando operations, no side plots, no overrated deaths or unneeded action. Nothing of that sort. Remember that when you post, please...

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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:38 pm

OOC: By far too late for that. Neil's forces are already here, and those other guys will not take no for an answer as well, if push comes to shove. To add insult to injury, they indicated it... and guess who is here. Yes, Bobario's enemy! Better look out!

Neil noticed his enemy entering a building, and was apprehensive. Phoning his leader, he informed him that he had located his target enemy. It was an opportunity that he couldnt take lightly, considering the situaiton, let alone pass up. Watching him, he decided to have his forces report when he would leave the building. In the meantime, he noticed that the other forces had left, but had provided a dangerous obstacle to overcome. Just as neil finished the report, infact, he repoted the morween that was deployed.
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:15 pm

OC:No offense but Katesen started this by making his forces come here and then he left a killer morween to kill you or us. So well there will be blood and death ethier way unless they call it back but they left so bring on the fighting.

The shocker noticed that another had come in but it was another back-up force to move in for the front-line.They still had there snipers in place as they watched the targets enter a house.They were about to move in but the sound of a morween roared throughtout the jungle and then there mantauks growled.They took out there knock-out darts for those big animals and kept a eye out.They called the other squad with thier phone."Squad N please be careful when moving up a worween has been spoted,we will try, and cover fire for you guys"
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:25 pm

Neil's forces acknowledged, and said: "We already know, and are intercepting to engage them. It will not take long, and we badly need to deterr those forces from the target. Apparently, they cannot take 'no' for an answer involving humans either." They said, already executing a maneuver quite carefully.
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PostSubject: Re: Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!   

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Gertragia's HTU Members Sell Many Various and Tsundry Items!
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