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 A way to start gaining followers amoung the people

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PostSubject: A way to start gaining followers amoung the people   Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:34 pm

Neon was opening up new deals with people in other planets.He soon throught of a new idea to get more people into the rebellion which would be both safe and troublesome for everyone.He knew that even with his current resources the royal guard would still have more.The people in this world were roiting,strikes, and issues all over but thats not enough.He soon started to open up new factorys, and other work that would bring the income his way.

He soon got them made as he gave good pay to the people along the poor side of the city.He started to expand to the higher up of the captial.He was attracting alot of attention to his group for bring new work into the planet but soon other industrial company's started to want to merge with my company's I refused until they offered more money.He soon started to spread the word along to other people.He knew that to make a army he needed more followers.He had already new recruits lined up and more coming.
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PostSubject: Re: A way to start gaining followers amoung the people   Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:48 am

In the meantime, the trainer was doing the forces like usual. They had just been fully trained in the fundamentals of gunnery and outfitting, along with all the more standard tactics and formations involved. Some forces were already being assigned to their more respective roles thanks to how efficient and well coordinated he was in the first place. Infact, they were proving to be shining like the elites they would be.

He reported all the 'elite' forces to his present commander. These forces would be given special treatment by him. Unfortunately, there was dangerously few elite forces to work with, based on the usual standards of leadership. Neil warned about this dangerous situation, and how that could cause problems in the long run. But these elites were considerably better than the usual elites one would find, and because they acutally knew their potentials already, they knew just how vital it would be for them to survive.
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A way to start gaining followers amoung the people
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