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 Finding something useful or just junk?

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PostSubject: Finding something useful or just junk?   Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:40 pm

Neon had gotten off his ship as he got never a graveyard of ships, and old eqiupment in the vast cold wasteland.He soon saw that there was guards covering the area and soon took some of his runners with him.He found a few of the guards preping thier guns and soon jumped on them.They knocked them out without a problem but knew that more was to come.They traded up for thier uniforms and neon probed thier minds, before leaving to look for something.Many of the broken up ships had not much to offer as he soon wanted to leave for the capital already.His runners had called them, and told him of a spaceship that had something.

He got to the ship to notice that the marking seem to be english, and looked in it as he searched he found that it was a cargo ship.He cleaned some of the ice away from the windows and soon found that there was robots in thier."A robot carrying cargo ship from earth"He said to himself amazed that something like this came here.They seem to be attack droids that were used by private people or in wars.He went into the front of the ship, and looked through the logs.The ship can't fly but was still able to work if they fixed it up.This would be a hard task with the patrols, and needed some way to work this.He decided to leave some of his tech hackers here to work on the repairs of the droids and ship,while himself would be moving to new exford captial to get a trade system up, and ranning on his ship as they took off quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:38 am

The kydextrians were always looking for ways to help their allies. In this case, some kydextrians had trained themselves to secretly hide in neon's ship, and wanted to help him get things done a whole lot quicker and more effectively in the first place. Cautiously, kumeridas approached him, and began talking.

"We know it was impetuous to sneak aboard this ship, but we had a notion you would need help on this planet. But know that our IQ is only a lowly 300, while our strength is almost maximum." One said, then commented: "You probably will not need vehicles. As an ant based species, we can carry nearly 15 times our own weight. This has been calculated to about 3000 pounds. Now please command us. Also, if its no hastle, I want to investigate the culture of this society, please. We are rather unfamiliar with the nature of other societies."
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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:09 am

(Wow I'm back now just moved to another state and got internet working again)

He felt something on his way to the ship another mind,that wasn't his men.He saw his allies as he sighed at them behind his mask.He heard what his said as he ran it through his mind."Fine,if you can handle the cold,I want you to make soon vechiles that can scale ice walls.There is a canyon that no one explores a few 600 miles from here,that never been explored"He said as he went to grab some weapons and loaded it up as he hid them under his cloak."I want to see if there is something of use to our cause in thier,inform me when you are done"

While back at the ship his tech soldier were reprogramming the robots as they restored power to the ship.They want to make this huge ship a battlefield as they worked on the flight system.The ship was one of the biggest ship made in past,as it seemed to be a very durable ship.Once they fixed the robots they used them to help repair the ship as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:26 pm

OOC: Sorry, Star. But while you were gone Orin was banned. =/

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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:23 pm

(Meh....whatever he messed alot of things up anyway,I guess I'ii controll his ant soldiers because they are my soldiers anyway)

The Ant soldiers got to work as they tryed to make a vechile that scaled ice well.He as wanted some womens on those crafts.They found more part throughtout the gravy of ships as they kept building up a good ship.Neon would smirk at the progess as he went to his ship's lab.The ship wasn't big but very useful for sneaking into planets without trouble."Okay I need to work my new weapons,now can you hurry without those crafts"The ant Soldiers nodded as they worked very quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:01 pm

1 month later he came back to the site.The mecha's were ready as he foudn them to be useful.He examined the new underground base in this sector,as he saw a huge hanger filled with mecha's.They used the robots to expand the underground as they made more models.They even found more crystals that they used to make new weapons for the mecha's.They needed more work on the base as he had brought more people to join his cause."Get to work,you are now one of us,get to target pratice,mecha training, and mining crystals.We will become something more then a band of soldiers"They all cheered as everything was coming into place as he went to get to try out his mecha.

Land combat

Long range combat

Land/sea battleship

Flying robot for air combat/Space capable

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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   Sat Apr 09, 2011 4:31 pm

Neon had gotten into the hanger as he set up a another largeship.He had 10 transportion as well as frigates ships as he loaded a lot of his mecha's into the ships.Then got into it as he took most of his officers,ant soliders, and runners with him.He left the rest of the new to recruit,train, and do his jobs as they needed to work harder on thier productions.The ships went through a large hatch under the ice as they took off into thier next planet.The fandors would be a useful place to recruit and set up new bases.They entered space and went into hyperdrive as they waited until they made it to fandors.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding something useful or just junk?   

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Finding something useful or just junk?
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