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 Working a better trade along with everything else to come

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PostSubject: Working a better trade along with everything else to come   Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:55 pm

After coming from the scrapyard he had found some people willing to work for some money and soon imployed them to work at markets.He talked with many of the underworld people that he met when he first came in the trade.They agreed to trade with his group but needed more tech and weapons.He soon agreed as he would work here for thier tech, and get some useful soldiers to train here.The trade was doing well and expanded all over the big city of Atreus as people kept rolling in for the money.He didn't care for who he employed only that they stayed loyal and with his powers they can keep that promise easily.He cornered the weapon market as he came here with his new allies, and soon sent his people to work on other things.

As for himself he had finished some new types of weapons to give to the dealers on this planet.He devoloped new techs for himself as he knew that learning more things would increase the power of his group.Noone knew who he was and never knew if he was watching as he usually took walks around the city.He was at the open buying some food, and some cyro crystals for himself."Well the city seems at peace for now"He said to the seller as he walked around the city some more looking for something new to pop out.
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PostSubject: Re: Working a better trade along with everything else to come   Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:21 am

Neon had found some more stalls, and stores as he examined a certain place.It was a black market,of sorts.He came in as he looked around to see bounty hunters and assasins of course.He decided to hire some soldiers on the planet as he did.He then went to check out some weapons,he was pleased with the slections as grabed a knew pistol Ion cannon.Also got a new weapon made from energy that looked like a sword.He would try over the small buniess with his money and soldiers as he decided to expand into other markets as well.
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Working a better trade along with everything else to come
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