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 Realm of Mages

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PostSubject: Realm of Mages   Realm of Mages EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 7:52 pm


You can only enter/exit once per 3 pages, and ONLY one of these per such situation.
You can only use a rune once per post. No limit to how long the combos are, along with how many spells casted.
No posting again for at least 3 posts that are relevant to playing.
The FIRST to post is the one to get the runes.

Rune system:

At the beggining of each actual page, I will say the results of your 'magics'. To do a magic, just say the rune used, and I will say the results of that rune.
When a person begins, he gets 3 runes. Each time he dies, the winner will take those runes, and he gets 3 new ones.
The goal? Simple. You want to posess 100 runes. do that... you win!
You can also do normal actions as you wish. But beware, as some runes are much more useful than others, and there is no telling what runes you begin with!

To enter... you MUST SAY: "I hereby cast my entry spell into the fray"
To flee... you MUST SAY: "I cast the black hole of vanishing thus leaving this realm..."


There are a lot of issues involving how the runes and their values would be determined. Know this then. The Runes themselves are more based on their sounds than with intrinsics, their main basis. However... the RESULTS are based on most games.

More args may appear here as needed...

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PostSubject: Re: Realm of Mages   Realm of Mages EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 8:26 pm

I enter the mage realms....

*looks around the area*

Its a desert area , with moutains all around us. One mountain is clearly much larger than the others, and doesnt cap with the clouds.... py no atmosphere up there.

There is a lake nearby, but thats it for now. And its fairly small..

My runes: Zern, Foci, Tel.
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Realm of Mages
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