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 The telbaran carnesaur

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The telbaran carnesaur Empty
PostSubject: The telbaran carnesaur   The telbaran carnesaur EmptyThu Mar 03, 2011 7:58 pm

As the carnesaur was warped via the transdimensional nexus, arriving here almost instantly, It was placed in a prison specially designed by the future engineers of the telbaran race. Then the timetraveler, Orin, came foreward and nodded. "This will be the space dragon that will save our race one day. Feed him well, enough to survive the many years that are needed he survives in the first palce. But first I must talk to him."

Orin: "I shall name you Telegaris, powerful carnesaur. We shall feed you under one condition. Every last piece of the food must be spent on aging until you are an immortal. Understood?"

Telegaris: "Hmm... I would have squandered it on more physicals... and it makes good sense. Very well, it shall be aging, and I know how. But why did you not save my bretheren?"

Orin: "Because its expensive enough just to make one carnesaur immortal. We do ask one other thing in return for this feeding, however. The time will come when your life will save countless millions of beings. In doing so, that will ensure a good source of food for all carnesaurs, as you know. It will be a very noble sacrifice."

Telegaris: "Anything to help my own kin feed well... I gladly accept your terms. Just promise to feed me generously, understood?" Orin nodded, and the agreement was done.

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The telbaran carnesaur
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