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 Overkill ambush (some random system to the intergalactic east of sigma)

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Overkill ambush (some random system to the intergalactic east of sigma) Empty
PostSubject: Overkill ambush (some random system to the intergalactic east of sigma)   Overkill ambush (some random system to the intergalactic east of sigma) EmptyFri Apr 08, 2011 7:58 pm

The Fleet emerged from hyper into an unknown system with several orbital defenses installed and the flagship docked at the largest one, designated Omega 5, it was orbiting directly around the sun instead of traditionally around a planet. The bay airlock opened up and both Lia and Mia walked into the bustling hanger bay, slightly confused and carrying their XM-8s with them, the place was huge and there was more than one ship in the hanger. The flagship was huge, almost a kilometer long but it barely filled the bay, heck, there were two more flagships with their captains having tea over in the corner, numerous destroyers, several battle ships, a few cruisers, a carrier and Samuel O'Neil walking over to greet them. Sam was amazed at how is stepsisters looked, they were no slouches in looks but he guessed that mom had done something with their DNA and they both "looked stacked packed and ready to rock" the report had also said "erect of carriage" but he had guessed what that meant. They walked toward him and he walked toward them and they both stopped in front of each other and stood in awkward silence before Sam grabbed their hands and squeezed gently "common, i'll talk to you in my office"
[a while later]

they watched the SAPL array get set up, the drones were floating out of the container and being loaded with mirrors and lenses, The Entente was being slow in deciding anything and he was getting restless. He would jump in, take care of his command ship and jump back to his station to wait for the rest of the evo fleet. This station was built to combat entire armadas, several armadas actually. Next to the Troy Planetoid station, it was one of the most powerful entities in the Universe, although that would be a bit presumptuous. He still had the SAPL and mini-SAPL being set up and a whole crapload of missile pods being set up along with shield generators hooked to reactors. He was not taking chances, especially with his sisters here. perhaps he should reconsider the attack, wait for the Entente to decide on a plan of action then go with it, would it be a good idea? He looked over at his sisters, they had crashed over on the couch and were snoring peacefully. "hmm, one hyperjump and they are tired already, maybe they would like a reassignment, they hate commanding a ship"
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Overkill ambush (some random system to the intergalactic east of sigma)
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