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 Growing Maze

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PostSubject: Growing Maze   Growing Maze EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 7:18 pm

In a container of clear fluid a human slept. In a state before birth it could be easily describe as such. A dormant stasis of growth and silence that most beings couldn't recall. An ultimate peace. The only things that came in or out were those sounds from the outside, Deus imagined. Whether these new humans remembered things from this time were uncertain. It was likely enough in their current state. Before they were born into the world for the second time these humans, built to precise specifications, were matured (by body at least) and weren't those small, pudgy, worthless versions they started out as when they were developed naturally. These grew at a much faster rate than normal.

The underground lab was heated from the natural thermal energy of the planet. At this level it was a controlled temperature of around ninety-eight degrees, fluctuating subtly at different intervals.The fluid drained from the tube, leaving the human soaking wet within the container. A light on the chamber began to flash as it rumbled to life, using vents and other machines to clean and dry the human and such necessary things to allow normal function. The chamber door lifted open upon completion and, as if called, two beings of different races came forth and removed the human the chamber and onto a long metal table for the first checkup. Deus eyed the new member of the species, checking only briefly if there were any notable deformities. So far there were none the made themselves obvious first glance and breathing was normal. Derek and Jane's' genes had so far been faithful to her, giving only a minimal amount of those deformed or handicapped monstrosities that somehow managed to slip into life. Deus took a note of the new addition and added new information to the general statistics. One more male to add to the growing numbers. She eyed a screen attached to the table displaying the human's medical information. So far weight and height was all that had been put down. After entering a sequence of numbers a scanner came down, gray in color with a spherical end. The ball rotated down, the wide beam of red going over the human's body, up and down. After five times repeating this a high note chimed out from the machine. Deus frowned at the human boy. Something just had to be wrong with it.

The ball retracted into the slender machine and was soon replaced by a new one. With a straight, green-colored beam it traced and pinpointed the problem immediately, ending, unfortunately, at the head. It could be assumed that this wasn't a skull injury but a problem with the brain. She could handle inoperable legs or seven-fingered hands, but ti was always an annoyance when it was the brain. Deus had considered one point and another to rig the handicapped temporarily and send them over to that human Lenina. She'd still get her pay and at the minor inconvenience of her temporary employer. He could keep the normal ones himself and have them do something more constructive than save the human race. She could sell a few of them easy. The uneducated members of this galaxy would never tell the difference between the original humans and these lab-made ones. There was no difference between these humans and the others since they were both made by the traditional sperm and egg, well, only one. These lucky humans didn't have navels, the leftover scar of umbilical cords they never possessed. It was an ugly thing and better for them to not have it. Deus turned on small hand-light and moved the lids away from one of the human's eyes. Pointing the beam straight into the eye the pupil shrank automatically, trying to block out light. The human's red eyes followed the beam exactly, all he was allowed in his near unresponsive state. It wasn't an easy job getting these things to grow so quickly and to do so some development had to be less prioritized. Using a chip Deus was able to do just that. Placed into the brain at the beginning stages of life it would command the commanding organ to prioritize cell development and function in certain, critical area while in other places it didn't. Because of this prioritizing every human came out completely without pigment, an ugly quality that was fixed within a week of the start of the chips full activation. Not only would pigmentation begin, but it would transfer knowledge into the brain so that even if they weren't mature, they knew of the inter workings of society, the basics of the twenty-eight school subjects, and language. Especially language. Deus had always frowned upon those translators that could pick up the noun of a sentence correctly nine times out of ten (actually it was 2.65, but that wasn't the case). The chips would teach them to fluently speak every language she knew, which was just about all of them discovered and translated. To prevent being held up whenever metal detectors were near at some point the chips were programmed to shrink until they were too small for the highest of today's detectors and just big enough to do only one simple task. From a simple code and signal the chips would destroy the brain, cutting into it and slicing, ripping it apart from the inside out. Deus had tested it a couple of times and was almost thrilled to know she may have to do it again. It was amusing to see it working.

Without the chip full activated it would keep the humans in a state where they could hear and see and feel the things around them but do nothing about it. It was a good defense for her in case they couldn't handle the onset of fully developed hormones as soon as they were officially born. Done with her short operation, Deus moved to the second eye. The difference being that the pupil didn't react. She frowned, moving the light and still came up without a single response. Putting the light up it was clear that this eye was ineffective. She had half a mind to rip the useless thing out and be rid of it and then other half considered just getting rid of the human. If he couldn't function normally, there was no need in keeping him. However... She did need numbers and he only increased her chances of conning that human. She narrowed her eyes down at the human, unconvinced that he could do what he needed to, but decided to see how it would go with him. Deus unlocked a compartment on the side of the table and took out a slender, remote-like object. The design was simple, with all the importances highlighted. A circular button in the middle and a two-pronged end. She pressed the button once causing an electric current to zap across to each prong in short, quick flashes like lightning, a chirp resounding every time it did so. Lifting up the human's chin she pressed the pronged end to his skin. The human yelped suddenly, yet expectantly, and jumped surprised by the pain. Eyes wide and breathing quickly the human curled in on himself, shuddering. Deus scoffed at these actions. The reactions were absolutely ridiculous. It was as if these humans thought being alive was a traumatic experience. She waited for the human to calm down before letting the two helpers take him away to be clothed and fed.

Replacing the device and resecuring it, Deus examined the next chamber to be opened. By the looks of it it would be ready in a few hours, maybe early morning at the latest. She was unsure of how many more she would make since there was never a definite indicated. It depended on her mood, she supposed.

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Growing Maze
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