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 Station 2

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PostSubject: Station 2    Station 2   EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 7:43 pm

Station 2   Elrian_Security_Space_Station_by_irmax_comix

A technically 'illegal' space station, built upon mile thick iron forged on Weavon. It is the refuge place of the humans (the super ones right now). It is within the Jexian Galaxy but not affiliated with any planet. The humans are fair game now that the UWUC is gone. The space station is still in construction, having many sections blocked off, or not even finished yet, the main spire are for the humans dorms (they are unwittingly 'tiered' by their power levels).

Alpha- The strongest and most dangerous humans that are housed in the "Black Zone" of the spire, four levels below the tip of the tower. It's also the smallest of the levels, but at the same time the most luxurious.
Beta- Those humans with incredibly destructive powers are placed within the "Purple Zone"
Gamma- The majority of humans with two powers are Gamma's and are in the "Blue Zone".
Delta- A large number of the humans within this class have a nonphysical power that cannot be used for harm, but at the same time are useful. "Yellow District Zone"
Epsilon- Most Epsilon's only have a single power, and not much training with that one power. These also hold some of the powerless humans that have proven themselves. "Orange District".
"Zeta"- At the base of the spire, is the area known as the "Red Zone", it's easily the most crammed area, designed for the powerless humans who couldn't stop this treatment if they tried.
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Station 2
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