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 A planet to go with a race

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PostSubject: A planet to go with a race   A planet to go with a race EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 4:47 pm

Name: Inowa
Geography: About 84.7 percent water, multiple islands scattered around with one large continent near the equator. There are also stationary polar ice caps that are relatively flat with large hills. around the extreme poles.
Planetary Development: Hyper advanced, they were NASA level around the invention of the stone hammer. Military technology focused around plasma, gamma radiation and some missiles though not near with the engagement range of ONA tech. Nuclear technology is found everywhere in civilian hands, anti-matter is in common use and they have started researching a new energy source known to them as Ardune.
Alliances: The Inowa Defense Initiative, since the defeat of the Evoknights, the initiative is on standby and mopping up around the Inowa sector of the galaxy. They remain neutral, allowing many funds to be put into
Size: It is a large planet but actually has a very low density, the gravity as about the same as earth. By comparison to earth, the circumference at the equator is about 18000 kilometers longer.
Primary Inhabitants: Inowa (Almost all of them living in large orbiting space stations or in massive artificial biomes underground or underwater. Theres about 30 billion of them), Posleen (semi-amphibious lizard like centaur creatures, there's about 20 billion)
Primary Wildlife: Abat (very small bat like thing that occupies the same niche as locusts), Threshkreen (Large amphibious mammal with razorlike teeth and a bad attitude)

Planet Description: A highly advanced planet, covered mostly with water, not as much as Varsia but still a lot. Surrounded by massive orbiting space stations that hold many of the inhabitants. Defended by an extremely powerful space fleet, and hundreds of thousands of orbiting fortresses, it is a fortress world but also a technological paradise. With an atmosphere of mostly hydrogen, helium, oxygen, nitrogen and methane, you had better think twice before lighting a cigarette for fear of the fuel air explosion.
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Deus Dormio

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PostSubject: Re: A planet to go with a race   A planet to go with a race EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 7:21 pm

GEEZ THE TECHNOLOGY! >.< You guys have a thing for nuclear power, don't ya? >.O

And HA! Abat. XD

Approved I guess. u_u

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A planet to go with a race
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