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PostSubject: Smart minds think alike   Smart minds think alike EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 8:11 pm

Neon had been informed of the planet called dormio, of course he had some info about Deus being there. As his record shows he is a sort of a scientist, and had done many projects. To Neon's luck, he needed some insight on illegal projects. Well he wanted to find the source of the human's abilities, also other things to help his group out. He was taking his personal flagship as it's speed and stealth tech was very top notch for it's class. He was on the bridge getting his outfit all ready, and anything else he needed. Of course he had only brought a small bridge of shock troopers as his guards. He needed to pinpoint where this place was, as he expected Dues to be someone not easily found. He was a knowledge person that had connections all over the universe, and there was no flaws to his information network. His ship had came out of it's hyper jump, and started to make it's decent on the planets surface. He actives his planet transmitter to give off a message to most people with a communication system on the planet. "Hello this is a simple message to a Deus, we would like to meet you for a little chat. You can make most of the terms but we are on a friendly path, and wish not to have a struggle"
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Smart minds think alike
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