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PostSubject: UP THE ANTE!   UP THE ANTE! EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 6:21 pm

Jairus walked stiffly through the hallways in formal military dress. Today was the day, he told himself. The day there would be some changes around here. It had been precisely one week since Emperor Leni- Empress Lenina had vanished, and according to standard protocol, he was overdue on assuming control. So today he would become the ruler of the entire human race. Which was like... forty people, maybe. But still.

He was also overdue on cracking down on the investigation about Lenina. There weren't any security camera's in Lenina's room, so knowing what actually happened was impossible. But there was only a single hallway that led to her room, with a guard posted there constantly. As the camera video showed, Lenina had entered her room at "night", and never come back out. He had known this because he had been the guard posted outside the room. He had never moved from that spot. Therefore, the Empress had simply vanished into thin air. In other words, Neon Star or little Suzie Hamstapple had done some sort of black magic that made Lenina go poof. Or, Lenina had a trapdoor he didn't know about, wanted to escape for some strange reason, which was very unlikely, and left Station 2 without passing by a single security camera or ever opening the docking hangar's door. UNLESS... someone else knew about the trapdoor and went through it, knocked Lenina out quietly enough for Jairus not to hear anything, drag her through the trapdoor and through the rest of the station without passing by a single security camera, then left the station without ever opening that hangar door. Most likely she was just warped out by freaky boy or freaky girl.

Jairus reached up and tapped his earpiece, activating a communications channel that would broadcast his voice over the entire spacestation. "All humans and military personnel," he barked in his easily recognizable military tone, "Natural, artificial, or otherwise, report to the auditorium ASAP. There will be an announcement in twenty minutes..." The investigation could wait. Right now, it was time to focus on the fact he was in charge. To be honest, he was curious about how the humans would react to the hearing of Lenina's absence. Sadness? Happiness? Annoyance? Indifference?

He strolled into the auditorium, quieter than space, and stepped onto a platform raised several meters above three rows of seats facing it. He took a deep breath, straightened his uniform, looked at the clock, and folded his hands behind his back.

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PostSubject: Re: UP THE ANTE!   UP THE ANTE! EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 1:34 pm

Xin had just checked in after being dropped off -forcibly- by Zealot on this station when the announcement rang through the station. The said man had already left, going out to look for poor pirates and other ships whose technological level was too low to be a threat to himself, but good enough of a prize to hunt down and kill for whatever parts their ship's debris might leave behind or whatever bounty might be on their head. Xin on the other hand had been left behind here, in this crappy station where he knew nothing and saw nothing interesting. At least the woman who got him checked in and signed up as a human was nice, unlike Zealot.

"All humans and military personnel, natural, artificial, or otherwise, report to the auditorium ASAP. There will be an announcement in twenty minutes..."

Xin only thought about it. It sounded like a order, the man barked it like a order, and the station was reacting to it as if it was an order. But was it an order that he should go with. For he knows the man in the mike could be a crazy psycho who want to kill-

Then he saw a picture of a girl and the big words "Missing" beneath it.
And the order Empress too.

"..." Xin thought about this again. Military officer. Missing Empress. Order for all to come to a meeting. ASAP. He grinned. "Just the alpha male growling to everyone, eh?" he muttered under his breath at a volume inaudible to everyone except himself. "Let's hope he ain't a psycho like this poster suggests the Empress is ..." he muttred as he passed by the holo-poster of the drunken empress. 'Wait, why would they put up that kind of picture in the first place?' he thought as he walked away towards the auditorium.
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