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 «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?)

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«Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Empty
PostSubject: «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?)   «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 10:08 pm


    «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Relic11
    «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Persor10
    «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Histor10

(TEXT VERSION - for those who can't see images)

Despite her seemingly innocent demeanor, Relic is passive aggressive, narcissistic, witty, and a bit sinister. Almost always acquiescently going with the flow of things, the female generally has her own personal agenda: almost never taking a part in an activity unless she has something to gain in doing so. That in itself is primarily due to greed, as well as an innate cynical nature that prevents her from fully trusting her acquaintances, excluding her own creations: products of her skill in mechanics and the like. Although 'teamwork' is a familiar term, she's yet to experience it with another sentient, such as herself. That being said- she's used to a certain lack of contact with living, breathing organisms. Under such conditions, most species would develop a condition known as "stir crazy", but Relic prefers to keep her own company, instead of wandering about whichever planet she's on at the time and socializing with it's inhabitants. Her life revolves around her work, which provides her with a comfortable, albeit unsteady income.


Data Received.

"Hey, it's me. I've finished what you requested, 2-3 weeks ahead of time. Make sure to send me a notice before you come t ovisit. You know how I hate unexpected house calls. Not that I'd be unprepared or anything- I just wouldn't want my turrets to fire on you because you didn't bother setting up an appointment. See you soon, hopefully not that soon," --Relic

Relic sighed as she powered off the monitor, giving it some time to cool down before she pulled yet another all nighter programming the software for her next big project. "Big" as in tedious. She didn't have many costumers: certainly she had the talent for mechanics and programming: the creation of artificial life was difficult, but possible. The few her bought her products were loyal to her market, although they weren't the biggest buyers, nor well known enough to increase her potential consumer ratio. But they were her income: her support. The idea of her relying on others sickened her. Her ears perked to the sound of a drone buzzing past her. It was making it's rounds again- designed to keep track of her stores and count the amount of spare parts that she had left. If she ran out of parts, there wouldn't be anything to sell, now would there?

She glanced at her digital watch, the neon green glaring back at her as she read the time. 23:19. Almost 40 minutes until it was that time again.

It's been about 12 years since her race was taken off of the endangered list. But as far as Relic was concerned, aside from herself and her mother, there weren't any Teroarians left. The two of them used to travel the universe: searching for nothing in particular other than freedom and a good time. The lives of the nomadic were somewhat painful, not to mention expensive ones. But it had it's ups, as well as the downs. It was good at first- mother and child did everything together, even work. But one day, her mother decided to settle down on Sigma, where reportedly most of their kind had settled. But Relic didn't want to live with other people, even if it meant staying by her mother's side. Although the separation was difficult and painful: she was 19 at that point in time. It was time to leave "home;" in this case, her mother- and fend for herself. Fortunately, over the years she had taught herself the art of mechanics, and in due time the Teroarian learned to master the creation of artificial life.

Well, not -master- per se, but she had mastered the basics, as well as some of the more advanced techniques, and had begun to develop her own style. Relic is on her way to becoming one of the most celebrated technicians of her time. Err, well, she will be on her way. Once people actually notice her work, that is. In the meantime, she's a drifter; traveling from planet to planet to spread her produce and gain recognition as an inventor. Whilst doing so, her skills increase: and hopefully, one day soon, she'll make it to the big time.

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«Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Empty
PostSubject: Re: «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?)   «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 10:15 pm


Can you just post a link of this? I can't read it at all.

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«Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Empty
PostSubject: Re: «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?)   «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 10:28 pm

/blames the stupid resize >:C
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«Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Empty
PostSubject: Re: «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?)   «Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?) Empty

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«Relic« (wip till tech, I guess?)
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