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PostSubject: I MIGHT AS WELL ATTEMPT TO ROLEPLAY HERE!   Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:12 pm

A yawn forced the large bird's yellow beak open, a soft squeak sounding from her throat. Feathers of reds, oranges, and yellows ruffled slightly as the bird made herself comfortable. She had ditched the pathetic town she was in to go explore the more forested area of the planet. That town was pretty much burned to the ground now, anyway. Heh, woops. Though, leaving the town meant leaving that one human--Nova? Nero? Nike? ... Bob? No, that definitely wasn't it. His name started with an N, that much she could remember. Eh, it'll come to her later. Anyway, she left him a note say where she went and blah, blah, blah. Things got a little awkward after the human had tried to... Yeah. She didn't want to seem rude by just leaving, so the note was her was of seeming... Less rude.

The Phoenix blinked a couple of times, turning her head to the side as she peered down at her current transportation--a... Er, what were they called? A few clicks and chirps sounded from deep within her throat, and a deep growl, grunt, roar, or whatever you want to call it responded. Oh, yes! A Guesscui! The eight legged creature knew this place much better than she did, and a little run in with him gave her the perfect opportunity to get a guide! The Guesscui was a pretty nice fellow, though she was glad that she wasn't one of the inhabitants of the planet. He seemed to dislike them quite a lot, and dislike is just the nice way of putting his words.

Anriah let out a chuckle as the native began ranting about the people of Gertragia once more. It amused her, and seeing his view of the Gertragians made her think over what that human was trying to do. This planet had a population of around three thousand aliens, most of them being humanoid things called Ilets. Well, she really didn't want to get into this mess. But, if she had to choose, she might just side with the Guesscui. Then again, that might just be picking favorites as the Guesscui was a misunderstood creature, much like her own kind. The kind she hasn't seen in forever...

ooc: Bah. I wanna ride on a Guesscui. ><

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PostSubject: Re: I MIGHT AS WELL ATTEMPT TO ROLEPLAY HERE!   Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:00 am

Moah Anolee floated through the Gertragian jungle, blissfully taking joy in the liveliness around him. The animals did turn to stare at the floating ball of slightly blue light, but when Moah said hi, they said hi back and he learned much of what had been happening lately. Most of it consisted of how all the good fruit was suddenly growing somewhere else for a change and most of the animals had considered taking a little vacation to go to where the good stuff was. It was all very amusing and all but there was much to be learned. Also some of the latest developments in the war was learned too, apparently one of the leaders of one side had been killed so many of the animals were glad there was an end in sight to all the tanks crashing through the groves of trees that contained perfectly good fruit.

Eventually though, the news started to get repetitive so he decided to make his little ball of light form sprout wings just for the heck of it. Sure enough, little crystalline wings as delicate looking as can be with a little bit of red running along the edge, the color of the Alimbic-Fa, oh how he missed his old friend, always had one of the latest jokes to tell.

As he bumbled about in his little wonderland in his head, he never took in his surroundings. The main thing though, was that he popped out of the grove right in front of a massive eight legged creature which didn't seem to notice and proceeded to trample all over him, squashing his body into several different shapes. Right now, he was pretty glad he was immortal in this form, otherwise he wound have had to go through that sun rebirth process again bet even through the relief, It still hurt, a lot. He screamed and when the animal moved off him, he just lay there, the wings were crushed so it was no matter keeping those and in order to make the residual pain go away, he changed form into his seraph form with six wings but fully clothed in that fashion that had been so cool back on earth, leather jacket, jeans, white shirt.

Since he had rearranged his body and the damage to his old body was no longer there, he didn't hurt but it was extremely sore. As soon as he stopped aching all over, he was going to go up to that animal and give it a piece of his mind.
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