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PostSubject: U MAD, BRO?   Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:20 pm

Name: Nikolai Sören Aviv
Age: 10 years
Gender: Male
Species: Teroare
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Date Of Birth: April 8th
Personality: Nikolai is a bit of a stuck up snob. He’s like that annoying rich kid that won’t let you touch him. Actually, he is that kid. He struts around in a suit thinking he’s such a badass. In reality, though, he has no muscle. That’s why he uses his intellect to get others to do his work for him. Speaking of which, he is very much a genius. Which he flaunts around like a douche bag. He loves to belittle the people of small intellect. Though only if he has ‘friends’ around that’ll protect his cowardly skin. His respect is a thing that is very hard-earned. If you don’t, though, and you’re trying to get him to listen to you, good luck. Though despite his overall attitude he is still a kid. When he doesn’t get his way he’ll whine and throw a fit. He’s also stingy, occasionally pull of immature antics, and will have childish motives, such as boredom. He does get bored quite often, which leads him to cause trouble.

History: Nikolai was only a few months old when his older sister, Lan Aviv, was kidnapped by the UEF. The only reason he knows of her was old family photos and stories his parents and other sister would occasionally tell him. He showed early signs of his intellect and the UEF was thinking of including him in another secret program of theirs. That was until he started to learn to read and write, or correctly speaking, till he tried to learn how. Thanks to advances in medicine since our time and now he was diagnosed with dyslexia at age five. Though the UEF still had uses for him. He was given an experimental drug to increase brain functionality. Pro: Got even smarter in a very short time. Cons: Messed with his dyslexia, headaches, occasional periods of color blindness, nausea, impaired ability of muscle growth, weaker bones, prone to excessive bleeding, imbalanced hormones, restlessness, uncontrollable hand and finger twitches, and a scar from a sore on the back of his neck. He was one of the lucky ones. Though because of how he came out relatively unscathed and with an amplified to his already heightened IQ he was bought a ticket for one of the spaceships when the Evoknights attacked Earth. During the long trip he used his spare time to use excess equipment to make an artificial intelligence unit and a rudimentary body for it.

On arrival he adjusted more quickly than the humans due to, well, being a Teroare. Not too long after he booked a trip to Gertragia. Why? A whim of wanting to see how an advanced civilization dealt with a monarchy. So that’s when he made some changes to the physical body of his AI, Praeidio Fraude. He altered him based upon the feline branch of the species he was studying, the Ilet. He sent him off to gather information while he joined some illegal businesses and the like. For money. The simple reason that he knew he wanted stuff, stuff, and more stuff. And to rub it into the faces of those poor souls he likes to taunt.

Other: Let’s hope this all fits in with Lan’s junk and whatnot :E

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PostSubject: Re: U MAD, BRO?   Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:24 pm

I don't care whether or not it fits with Lan's what-cha-ma-call-it.
Prae has a master, and that's all that matters. >3>

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