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 Xin and Zealot's little scavanger activity

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Xin and Zealot's little scavanger activity Empty
PostSubject: Xin and Zealot's little scavanger activity   Xin and Zealot's little scavanger activity EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 10:52 am

Xin, a human, watched Zealot, an Xti, as the said alien moved his bulky but nimble ship across the ship graveyard, where the UWUC patrols had come through and were obliterated. They were here because this place had a lot of junk that can be scooped, fixed, and used again. But what they were really here for was Enforcers drones that was aboard the UWUC ships when it got its ass-kicked. But unlike Zealot, Xin was not happy with being so close to what was once Sigma. Not only had Sigma been a place where he almost died -his power to drain life had saved him too much times there during the ground force invasion- it was a place routinely patrolled by the Evoknights. But Zealot here said "This ship of mine is cloaked. So don't be so edgy." Heh, it's not like he had to fight against a thousand Evoknights armed with plasma guns. Or were they kinetic? Not that it mattered in the end; he killed them all through a period of 2 hours. And he had to run like crazy to get out of there before the reinforcements arrived. Fortunately, Zealot was nearby and he was very happy to pick up some more survivors.
Which he already had like a hundred.

Whom he began to drop off in various worlds, mostly on Station 2. Xin refused to be dropped off there after a good look and comparison between this Xti's ship and the station's technology. This ship was vastly superior... Though it can't be said the same for its exterior looks.

Crave-class Covert Ops Battleship, as Xti called his ship, was a flat ship with black paint all over it. It had no insignia, logo, or any other stuff. In fact, the only thing it had was a small hangar at the bow of the ship that carried drones of all kinds. Some of them were identified as combat drones while others repair drones. Back to its appearance. It looked like a piece of black cardboard stacked on top of each other until it reached the height of some 100 meters and length of some 500 meter.

Of course, appearances can be deceiving. Aside from its drones, this ship was armed with exactly a dozen hyperspace missiles launchers and hyperspace turrets. On top of that, it had a dimension-jump cloaking that allowed the crew to see what was outside but no one can touch or see where this ship was.

BUT, it also took HELL lot of energy, according to Zealot.

"This ship's generators pump out minimum of 900 terawatts per hour, but the cloak uses half of it to be maintained," he explained as Xin listened helplessly from the bridge, where exactly one huge capsule was.

"O.K. We found one," Zealot said as they approached a metallic cargo hold that had been identified as Enforcer Drone cargos on their screen. Zealot mentally ordered the ship to jump out of dimension cloak and go into light reflector cloak. Then he launched four scavenger drones and activated the ship's scaenger command module to assist the drones. "Now, we just have to sit back ... wait for them... and see if any enemy is coming," Zealot said.

'Or get our ass-kicked,' Xin thought.


The drones slowly moved the Enforcer Drone Cargo Hold into the battleship's "tiny" cargo hold and then returned to the drone bay. As soon as they were within the safety of the metal walls, they acknowledged their landing and went into a hold mode. "Okay, we got one. And the AI here estimates that there are roughly few hundred of them within the hold. Which will get me a pretty good sum with any kind of dealers out there. Hopefully, I can get a contact with one of the Hunters...." Zealot muttered as Xin mused silently. "Oi, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just bored like crazy," he muttered.

Zealot grinned. He set the ship to warp to Station 2 and came out of his capsule.

Xin raised an eyebrow as neuroembryonic fluid that the capsule is filled with oozed out of the open hole. It reminded him of some of the food those disgusting aliens ate for breakfast in the bar. Not only that this thing smelled a lot too. But the smell was close to a mint too. "How do you stay in that stuff?"

Zealot, who was fully dressed when he entered, was covered with the sticky substance and his clothes were also drenched in the stuff. He smelled like mint...

"The smell is not so bad once the fluid enters your lung-"

Xin fell off his chair from shock. He stood up. "T-That stuff goes into your lung?"

"Yeah. All it does is..." And Zealot began to explain as the ship went into hyperspace about the mechanics of the neuroembryonic fluid and how the fluid acts like air and provides nutrient.

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Xin and Zealot's little scavanger activity
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