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 Lazy afternoon, sheesh

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Lazy afternoon, sheesh Empty
PostSubject: Lazy afternoon, sheesh   Lazy afternoon, sheesh EmptyThu Jun 14, 2012 10:35 pm

Max sat in the fork between two branches of a tree and leaned his head back against the trunk, a book lay open on his face and allowed him to sleep peacefully, well, at least until a snap from the ground woke him up. He groaned, removing the book from his face and looked at the ground to where his trap had caught a small rodent like creature, the thing squirmed with all it's might as it tried to escape from the coil of cloth that encapsulated it. Maximilian Rob Pierre sighed and dropped from the tree with his rifle still slung across his back and picked up the tiny struggling creature, already beginning to unravel the poor thing's bonds.
"Hey little guy, you should go running around the forest like that, it's not a nice place to be." He said, pulling the last length of cloth away and placing the poor rodent on the ground. It scampered off into the undergrowth without any hesitation at all.

Max sighed and caught the book as it fell from it's perch high in the tree and put it in his field pack. Actually, he was off duty for the week so the rifle was his own and the field pack was filled snacks and other things. It had been a while since he managed to catch some sleep and the tree was actually pretty comfortable but he was still a terrorist to the loyalists so he would still have to hike back a few miles back to get to the nearest rebel controlled town. He like towns better then cities actually, his sadistic side was still kept in check and he still had plenty of friends to hang around.

For now, all he wanted was to rest a bit, so he walked back to the trunk of the tree, jumped and began climbing again.
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Lazy afternoon, sheesh
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