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PostSubject: Teh Plot Forreal   Teh Plot Forreal EmptySat Jun 30, 2012 3:04 pm

So here's a brief history to better understand the plot:

Earth is attacked by unknown alien invades in the year 3590. When it was discovered that the planet would be destroyed, ships were built to carry large amounts of people. At first they were given only to the rich, but were soon open to children and teens. When these ships were sent off, they went in all different areas of the galaxy and others destroyed. One one of these ships, a group of these surviving humans land on a planet called Sigma and by orders of the universal council are kept in a hotel-like apartment building until something better was done with them. On the suggestion of the more democratic members of the council, the human party was given a representative. Lenina Joan stepped up, a human who proclaimed herself "empress" without the knowledge of the rest of her almost extinct humans. In this position, she would make the decisions for the group. While on the space ship that took them to Sigma, these humans discover they have powers and new abilities that allow them to do astounding things. While at the apartments, they practice these new found traits. After about a year in these apartments, a fleet of invaders called The Evoknights warp over Sigma from what is presumed to be the future. The Evoknights, with a plan to eradicate the life of the universe and take over for themselves, begin sending troops into Sigma (and later a planet called Varsia) and attack the planet. Using their powers and aided by a military alliance called The Triple Entente, the humans defeat the Evonknights after two long years. But in their efforts, the planet of Sigma is destroyed.

During the war on the Evoknights, an alien scientist by the name of Deus Hjork creates an artificial race of humans on the secret request of Lenina Joan. These humans, all built from a combination of the same two human's, have similar characteristics, though not identical. If put all together they would all look like a group of relatives. These humans, built in separate, secret locations, were manufactured by the hundreds. Only a single group were sent to Lenina, the rest are being used in unknown ways.

With the defeat of the Evonknights, the universe becomes more aware of the human's power and are more eager to control (or capture) them. With their home lost, the humans are given their own, off-planet home called Station 2. This station is built with large rooms and areas of activity for all humans to enjoy. Also on this ship are the created, artificial humans made by Deus Hjork. The humans were told that these were just humans found in other places, but their sudden appearance and similarity can be suspicious and since Lenina, the self-appointed empress of all humans died, no one on the station knows for sure of their origin or that they aren't natural at all, save the created humans themselves. After two years the Station has gone bankrupt, but the humans have yet to be removed.

Now, the plot:

Nothing good lasts forever. In this case, that good thing is Station Two. Not that Jairus isn’t a good enough leader, he’s definitely much better than the tyrant Lenina, it’s just impossible to keep the station running in its current state. On Station 2, the humans deliberate on what the race should do. It was apparent they couldn't stay, but arguments arise over the decision of where to go. Some humans decide to try and wait until the Station's chances rises, while others choose to move to another planet, more fearful members suggest finding a planet for themselves. The arguments become to cause tension and some division. However, their indecisiveness takes too long. The Station brought in no profit and cost too much. The ONA couldn’t afford to keep supporting it without great repercussions, so they were forced to drop it, resulting in the humans being relocated and the station dismembered.

With Sigma gone, there remained few that were sympathetic to the human’s plight. However, there would be one last act of kindness to them. They were sent to Gertragia by the government of Sitkva to hopefully live out the rest of their days in peace.
Mostly. Hopefully. But probably not.

Meet the planet of Sitkva. It’s located light years away, just a little past the edge of the galaxy. Sitkva is the only planet in its solar system, which is held together by an odd form of neutron star. Only by the grace of God was the planet allowed to survive its place next to such a dangerous entity. Because of the odd conditions in which the planet is placed, the people have evolved in a very peculiar way. No species other than the Sitkvian natives can survive there.

All of the Siktvian’s off-planet affairs are taken care of by extremely advanced robots, or by paid ambassadors of other species. While no planet is exactly friendly towards them (most are cautious), the governments of Varsia and Fandor 6 regularly take care of business for them. Sitkvians are rarely seen or heard of by anyone else, although they’ve played a few important points in history. Their military is assumed to be highly advanced, but no one can really know for sure. Due to their location and strange planetary conditions they haven’t had any major skirmishes throughout their history. They occasionally come to meddle in the affairs of other species, but for some reason aren’t met with much backlash.

The humans were sent to Gertragia by the council of this mysterious planet to live out the rest of their days in peace. Mostly. Hopefully. But probably not. And the council of Sitkva knew this. No one is exactly sure why the Siktvian’s would do such a thing, especially since it’s unlikely that Gertragia would appreciate it. Before they were to go, they were given small tracking devices. It’s not like the Siktvians would let super-powered monkeys run around such a tumultuous planet completely unchecked. But then again, they are few, neutralizing the threat for the most part.

Also, a small number of them would be kept. Just a few. Four to be exact. These four would be subjected to experimentation to find out the nature of their powers in a small private facility, perhaps the one owned by Deus Hjork. It was a small condition to take for survival of their brethren, and the council would have no resistance. They would be released as soon as the necessary information was obtained, and were to be treated humanely for the most part.

The Sitkvian tracking devices are disabled and replaced with Gertragian ones that wouldn’t give the Sitkvian’s any feedback as to the humans’ locations. The humans are kept in a lightly guarded (as that's the best the Gertragians can do) compound in a small northern city for several weeks, their powers dampened by heavy amounts of hagar radiation, until finally an escape plan is made. Eventually, they burst from the compound and run into the night, with only the sound of sirens behind them. Over the next few months the humans live as refugees, although they’re apprehension is not made a priority. Gertragia’s more worried about the ever growing rebel army that seems to be sympathetic towards the humans, or at least neutral.

Okayso. As said before, this isn't even the whole thing. There's this whole "sideplot" with the new humans that merges in, but the whole discussion about that never came together so....


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PostSubject: Re: Teh Plot Forreal   Teh Plot Forreal EmptySat Jul 14, 2012 3:33 pm

i give up y'all seeya in the starsss

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Teh Plot Forreal
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