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 Ren Mori/Kin-Human

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PostSubject: Ren Mori/Kin-Human    Ren Mori/Kin-Human   EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 8:18 am

Name: Ren Mori. Nicknamed 'Kin' sometimes due to a misspelling of her name.
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Date Of Birth: August 9th
Power: Humans can no longer have powers, as all the spots for the original humans have been taken. This may reopen later.
Sort of like dis;
Ren Mori/Kin-Human   Ren_mori_by_raintheneko-d548hkz
She has short brownish-red hair, with amber colored eyes. She always either has her hair up in a ponytail bob-thing like above or straight down. She is well... Endowed (The person who made me make her originally said big boobs or he wasn't using her ;A;). She always wears black or red hoodies and jeans. There's a chain strapped around her right leg.
Personality:Ren is a seductive enchantress. She knows how to use her body very well. Also, she's got a low level of maturity, reads up on everything so that she can appear smart, and is very volatile if angry. Ye be warned.
Uuuhhh... She was created like all artificials, and raised in a lab until she was about three months old. Then she was shipped off to Gertragia, where a family of aliens adopted her. She then ran away from them at one year old and began camping out in the woods.
I don't even know anymore.
Other: Not proud of the pic, nope nope.
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Ren Mori/Kin-Human
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