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 What I've Been Working On The Last Week...

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What I've Been Working On The Last Week... Empty
PostSubject: What I've Been Working On The Last Week...   What I've Been Working On The Last Week... EmptyMon Feb 14, 2011 4:29 pm

Story of Evil
(Don't like Vocaloid or any of my characters? DON'T FREAKIN' READ IT! *Frown* Don't post anything like "You just leeched off this idea" or whatever. Cause I don't care. :p)

~Please keep in mind that the characters are not the original Story of Evil's characters (The Vocaloids). They are my own made-up characters (Most of them made waaaaaay before this fic was even thought of) that resemble the OCs. Another thing; I don't care if I'm following the original story or not. This is based on Story of Evil. I'll stick to the main events and ideas, but there will be things that aren't in Daughter of Evil or the others in this.~

Chapter One-
Daughter of Evil...Part 1
Once, long long ago, there was a magnificent kingdom. A castle high on a hill, with grasses under it only as pure green as was able to grow in the country. Beautiful red and white roses adorned the front lawn, with nary a rotten or browned stem amongst their thorny grace. The very walls of the castle itself seemed to be trimmed with gold, like a nobleman's coat. In a way it was, since the girl who happened to live here was noble in the utmost sense. On the inside, it was ever more glorious. Paintings, tapestry, and furniture of the best quality were the only things she allowed grace her presence. Large chandeliers made from crystals hung from near every ceiling, shining as brightly as diamonds. Tiny rainbows reflected off these from the huge windows that allowed sunlight in; equally huge curtains made from velvet and silk strands, carefully counted, hung down to temper the light.
However, the country she ruled was not nearly as glorious as the palace of which she resided. Tiny huts with straw tops and four-paned windows, muddy fields with tiny sprigs of green still remaining after the burning of the old crop. This was all they could afford; the princess taxed them harshly in order to keep her power and image up. As she always said, "If we do not have enough, tax more from the people." The people called her cruel, and muttered angrily about her behind her back. But none would hesitate, except a few, to wander into the castle to ask for assistance. And to attempt to snatch one of her luxuries.

Even now, she thought with contempt, staring down at the woman who'd come to her. The brunette was crouching on the floor, dirty clothes probably staining the carpet. She would just get her servant to clean it up when the vermin left. Just the sight of her brought anger to the princess. All the villagers did was whine and complain. Royalty had every right to eat them out of house and home. Especially when they were pathetic creatures who should have died in their equally pathetic mothers' wombs. The woman raised amber eyes pleadingly to the princess, who had to fight back a scowl of disgust. A small smirk of contempt showed through her facade, though.

"Please, milady! Our village is dying!" she cried. The woman in the throne looked down upon her coldly. "Then work harder. That is no harsh task for you peasants, is it not?" The villager's eyes widened in shock. Then hardened in outrage. "You filthy excuse for a princess!" she snarled, stumbling towards the throne. The princess counted two steps before waving a pale hand dismissively. Two guards were there almost instantaneously. They seized the woman, pulling her back. "You swine! You filthy vermin!" she spat at the royalty before her. "Do you care nothing about your people?!" Blue eyes flashed as the princess stood up. The woman in the red tattered clothing flinched slightly. "People are dying and you don't-" A small, childish laugh cut her short. Coming from none other than the famed girl in front of her. The red woman shrank back, thinking this was her end. The laughing stopped as the girl mock curtsied her, tiny fingers lifting the poufy yellow dress with practiced ease. "Foolish peasant. Those who die only provide nourishment to my garden." she said cruelly.
The woman shrieked in rage, trying to fight. "I'll kill you!" she promised grimly, snarling. The princess only laughed again. "Then you shall tidy my gown. Now," She pointed at her. "Bow to me." This princess, however young she was, gained her power from people's fear of her. The woman in red was forced onto her knees, bowing. Then she was dragged screaming from the room.

The princess laughed merrily, twirling around to face towards the window. Her long blonde hair was tied into a neat bun, a black ribbon tying it. Her eyes flashed gold like the sun, a cruel glitter in their depths. Almost as if practiced, she turned her head to see her loyal and favored servant entering the room, holding a tray of fine silver in his hand. He was very similar to her. His hair was slightly darker, and worn in the style of a ponytail since it was long as well. His golden eyes flashed warmer than butterscotch as he smiled at her, bowing in respect. "Handled very well, Lady Cody." he murmured, straightening up. Cody smiled at him. He was the only person allowed to see her soften. The only one allowed to see her innocence.
"Of course, Rai. Who do you take me for, an idiot? Anyone, even you, could deal with those villagers." she said sweetly. He dipped his head. She knew he was too kind to discipline those villagers like she did. If she didn't they would run amok. Maybe even start a rebellion! Pah! The very gall of the idea. "I've prepared your tea, Princess. And your snack as well." he said cheerfully.

He was strange, she decided, as she sat down in her comfy chair again. Rai was definitely strange. She remembered him from someplace. A very, very long time ago she'd seen him. They'd smiled. They'd played. Then it was all dark. Cody frowned, reaching over to the table he'd prepared for her to daintily take her tea cup. It was her favorite one. There was even a small fracture in the side of it, from where Rai had once dropped it. He quickly fixed it after seeing her tears, presenting it to her with a flourish and a bright, hopeful smile. She couldn't stay mad at him. It was near impossible. Now she took a sip of the richly flavored tea, holding the tea cup with practiced and dainty fingers. She also ate a bite of his snack. With a sudden smile, she pushed a piece up at his mouth when he leaned over to check the area the red woman was in before. He blinked, obviously surprised. Then smiled, gently taking the morsel to enjoy for himself.

Rai was the only person the princess dare be nice to.

Anyone else and her reputation as a power-hungry princess of the Yellow country would be ruined. "Fetch me my cloak and prepare the carriage. Let's see if we can spot dear blue Naito in town!" Her voice was excited for this. Cody was deeply, madly in the love with the man from the land of Blue. He was even royalty! He was perfect for her. Right down to the ground he walked on. But there was one flaw. He was far too sentimental. He went down and chatted amiably with the villagers, as if he were no better than them! Even though he was so kind to the filthy scourge of her land, she didn't seem to mind. Just more time. She'd teach him swiftly how to treat fools and beggars. Instead of pity, he'd feel horror that he'd ever felt sympathy with the beasts. She smiled grimly as the boy dipped his head, bowing at the waist. Then he turned on his heel, quickly going to perform her orders.

Cody smiled again cutely, setting down her now-empty tea cup and finishing off the brioche Rai had made her. Moments later Rai returned, his pale hand crossed over his chest as he smiled at her. "The carriage is ready, Princess." Now that she thought, even his voice sounded like hers. If she murmured and muttered all the time. She nodded, standing and striding over to him. Together they went down into the yard, where he helped her down the pale gray marble steps with a careful hand. It got a bit annoying sometimes, being treated as a porcelain doll. Like she'd break at a rougher touch. But it made her feel happy inside, knowing that someone cared. Her mother had just scowled at her and pushed the overly-affectionate child away until her death. Her father... She didn't even know who he was. Only Rai, who'd showed up after her mother's death asking to be the Princess' servant, ever showed her kindness... And she returned the favor. The short boy got a load of grief for being so loyal to her. She defended him at royal dinners, and he was blush shyly in the corner amongst the other butlers and servants. Then she would speak harsh words to him, making the other family or group think she was only defending her property... But he understood. It was a mutual pact between them. Even now, as he pulled her cloak around her and fastened it at the neck, pulling her hood up carefully over her hair, Cody flashed a smile at him knowingly. He was envious of her. She could see it in his eyes sometimes as he served her tea or when he was cleaning. She got to wear fine clothes and eat off silver trays. He had little more than nice-looking rags and a dirty bowl. But he never complained. That was, in Cody's opinion, what made him a level or three higher than those villagers.

Soon enough they were on their way. No one could recognize the princess in her dark brown cloak. She looked like Rai; none cared for him, but knew of his kindness. Occasionally when she wasn't looking he'd slip a child a coin, or buy food for a beggar. That behavior was forbidden in her presence, since it was her money. But he'd earned enough on his own; he went to the land of Green for the occasional odd job the days when Cody found no use for him. Mostly it was grooming horses. He had a way with the animals, brushing over their smooth coats with kindness in his eyes, his high-pitched and slightly feminine voice soothing them as he talked. Cody was sorry to admit that she was slightly jealous of his many talents. Cooking, cleaning, animal grooming, he could even sing. (Of course he hated to, only doing it when she asked in her sweetest voice when she couldn't get to sleep.) Cody could barely dress herself. She had Rai fix her hair every day. He didn't mind, and neither did she. The soothing feel of his thin fingers running over her scalp and neck was by now a daily ritual. It'd feel strange if he didn't do it, even once.
She heaved a sigh as she watched the world pass them by. Rai was allowing the horses a slack pace. He's much too kind for his own good. she thought, almost sadly. He was nice to horses for goodness' sake! People were calling up to him, asking to fix the carriage for a penny or two. He declined their offers, but promised to pay them back with his services later. This was how it always was...

The princess chose to distract herself with thoughts of her beloved prince Naito.


"You're positive he's here, Rai?" Cody asked impatiently, straining to see out of the carriage as her servant opened the door. He steadied her so she didn't fall on her face on the brick road. "Yes, Cody-sama. I've seen him myself." Rai assured her, leading her with a gentle hand out the door. He wasn't normally this impatient, Cody noted, her eyes narrowing slightly. His cheeks were redder than usual. Was there something wrong? Fever, perhaps? She was tempted to place her hand atop his forehead to check, as he always did with her when she sniffled or had a cough. But these thoughts of her servant were halted. She'd heard his voice. Her heart skipped. Golden eyes shining with joy, she started to go to him. She ran past Rai's outstretched hand, her shoes clicking on the round bricks. Cody ignored his calls, and didn't care of his footsteps coming up behind her. She wanted to see Naito, and she would! The princess would wade through blood to steal his heart away. She didn't know at the time how true those words were. She stopped behind a building, wanting to be there and step out before him with a flourish, embracing him and hearing his confession of love for her and a proposal. Her cheeks heated at this admittedly conceited thought. But she didn't care. Suddenly she heard a laugh.

A woman's laugh.

Her first thoughts were that he'd brought his servant with him and they were musing over the quaint town in the land of Yellow. But those thoughts disappeared when she saw them. There was a girl there, young and beautiful. Her hair was long and green, tied in a ponytail at the back. Her kind eyes were green as well, a smile on her lips as she spoke animatedly to Naito. Then the two laughed and kissed. Kissed. Like long-time lovers. Her heart shattered as she watched them walk away. It was replaced with sadness and fury. Why does he love her?! Why couldn't he love me?! she shrieked inside the confines of her mind. Tears began pouring down her cheeks. She felt, not for the first time, the weight of rejection. Why? Too late she felt Rai hugging her gently, his lips soft and comforting against her forehead. But she knew that this wouldn't ease her heart. She grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him down to whisper in his ear. "Listen very carefully," she hissed softly. "I have a job for you." She heard him swallow nervously, an audible little gulp. Cody narrowed her eyes, a cruel and fiendish smile coming over her face. This was the only way to soothe her. "Kill the woman in green, Rai." It was the only way. She felt rather than saw his blood drain out of his face, his eyes widening. She wondered very briefly if he would refuse. Then he said, "Yes, Milady." His voice was shaky. Was he... Heart-broken? He was much too kind. Cody smirked, pushing him away. "Go now. You are not allowed to return to the castle until you kill her." She started to walk away. Rai's voice stopped her, shocked. "Cody-sama, you surely can't walk the whole way?" She turned a golden glare on him, freezing , him in place. "Do you suggest I am not able, Rai?" she asked dangerously. She was still sad and angry about Naito. His eyes widened and he looked down. "N-no, princess." She smiled cruelly. "Bow to me." she commanded. Rai instantly dropped down on one knee, one arm behind his back and the other crossed over his chest, fingers curled over his heart slightly. Like it were hurting him. He dipped his head. "Yes, Milady." he said softly. Her smirk suddenly vanished. "Good. You are dismissed." Rai stood, his hand still clasped over his heart. Just as she was turning, he caught her hand. Cody thought she might have made him angry, but instead he pulled her to him. As he was only a little shorter than her, he buried his face in the shoulder of her cloak. "Be careful on your way home, Princess." he murmured gently, smiling kindly. Cody was dumbfounded. Even after she'd been so cruel to him? She pushed him away, angry. "Why are you being so understanding?!" she snapped. Rai merely dipped his head, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips to kiss it tenderly. "You are my Princess, I am only your servant." he said. "I will stay with you even if it means becoming tainted with evil." The blonde girl looked shocked. Then she smiled grimly. "You'd better be prepared to keep that promise, Rai." she said softly. She pulled her hand from him and turned, taking her leave. All the while, she hadn't noticed the pained look in her favorite servant's golden eyes. Nor did she see the tears that slipped from his cheeks to ground as he prepared to perform his grisly task.
It took Cody two hours to return to her castle. Once there she barged in, allowing the rays of the setting sun to darken her features when it shined on her back. "Maery." she snapped. The woman, who had been sweeping the floor with an ancient old broom, snapped to attention, trembling slightly. What had she done? The cold glare from the princess made her heart kick start with fear. "Y-yes, Milady?" Cody scowled at her, hiding her despair well. She was still terribly upset that Naito was so clearly in love with that green filth. She was nothing more than a weed in Cody's beautiful yellow garden, that stole away the blue flower that was Naito. "Fetch me the minister. I have a task for him and him alone. Do it now." she snapped visciously. Maery looked frightened, but didn't question her. Cody didn't stay long enough to hear her sniveling comment of consent. She stormed to her throne, perching herself in it like a child who'd had no dinner would on his bed. She'd slammed the doors loudly; the servants knew of her anger and would stay away. Cody threw her cloak away, glaring at it in disgust. Then she set her face n her hands, ready to weep.

But the door opening stopped her from letting her sinful anger and sadness out. She lifted her head to glare at the intruder. It was the minister, of whom she always forgot his name. Kae- something. She was too upset to remember currently. The black-haired man looked confdent, but was trembling slightly in her presence. He was a man of the church, not of war. Cody beckoned him to her side. He obeyed, knowing he would find himself at the guillotine if he didn't. He bowed beside her, an embarrassing move on his part. She glared down at him. "Pick yourself up, idiot." she snapped. He stood instantly. Her golden eyes were cut into a fierce scowl. Very befitting for a girl of her position, as he thought. "I have a mission for you," she said with an evil smirk. He could practically see a dark aura floating about her... "Y-yes?" he squeaked.

Cody pulled him close and whispered in his ear, "Scar the Green country. Destroy them and kill all women with green hair." Then she shoved him away before he could utter a word, looking out her window. "You are dismissed. Call Maery in here. My evening tea is late," she muttered. She heard him scuttle away and gave an inward groan. Why couldn't her servants be more like Rai? Put up with everything, no complaints. No fear. It would make it so much easier on them. She missed him and his unquestionable loyalty and service. She began thinking about his reaction to her orders. Why had he looked so sad? Her broken heart froze. Could he have been in love with Alice, the princess of Green? Her teeth gnashed together. He'd better not have been. Rai was hers. Cody's, and Cody's alone. Killing the one he loved... It suited him if his intents were truly like that. It would make him stronger. And teach him not to betray her. She almost started when the door opened. "Maery, you're late." she growled, turning to face the servant.

What she saw stopped her short. Just like in the town. "Sorry to have been so late with your evening tea, Milady."

In the middle of her room stood Rai, the usual scene with the silver tea tray and the fractured tea cup in his servant's clothes. But his expression was not normal. Nor were the blood spatters on his clothes and face.

Cody's throat caught. Rai's normally child-like face looked aged with barely-concealed grief, yet younger with the tiredness in his golden eyes. Blood was slowly dripping from his face and clothes onto the floor. Even his hair was soaked with the salty liquid. He looked at the floor then back up with a grimace, smiling softly. "I'm sorry, Princess. I'll clean this right away." She was speechless. She'd never before ordered an execution that she'd been forced to view the aftermath of. She knew not of gore and pain. She was as blissfully ignorant as a cow before slaughter. But this brought it into a new light. Seeing her kind and gentle servant... Covered in blood. It almost pained her. Almost. When he came to serve her tea she looked at him. "Is it done?" she asked in a hushed, anxious voice. She hoped he wasn't harmed physically. The boy nodded, his eyes tightening. Cody smiled, but was still scared of his appearance. His pale skin... Against dark red and drying blood. She shuddered. But Naito would now only have one to love. It was worth it. Wasn't it? She saw a green hair fall down from his clothes. It was long and shining a pale gray-green in the light. He saw this and instantly grabbed it. He dipped his head, hiding his eyes with his bangs, which fell down. "Forgive me, Milady." he murmured, his voice cracking slightly. She wondered why he was apologizing. Then she thought fo the green girl again with a flash of anger, lifting her lip in a furious growl. She looked away, tears burning her gaze.


It was several hours later that she slipped out of her room, still clad in her silk night gown. Rai had put her to bed after she'd calmed down, saying with a kind smile that she shouldn't strain herself after such a tiresome day. Cody still didn't understand his kindness towards her. It was a mystery...
She looked into his room, just wanting to see if he was cleaned up. She instantly felt a lump in her throat. Rai was holding a pillow to his face, muffling agonized and heart-broken sobs. She could see tears slipping down his cheeks to make little gray circles on the white bed sheets. His fingers were shaking, clutching the pillow tightly, his knuckles white from the strain. She almost called out to him, to ask what was wrong. She felt a small stirring of regret in her. But then the cruel princess returned and she stole away quietly to her room. That green stable-wench deserved it for stealing Naito from her! She'd tried to take Rai, too! That was unacceptable. She'd deserved punishment, and she got it. It didn't matter who stood in the way. Cody must have what she wanted. Yes... I shall impose a new tax tomorrow. she thought, smiling to herself as she slipped into her bed, pulling the covers up to her chest. She wiggled her toes, vanquishing the coolness at the bottom to replace it with warmth. I want a horse named... Josephine. Yes, Josephine. I want a horse named Josephine to put in the stables. I must tax the villagers to get my horse.... With those pleasant thoughts she drifted to sleep.
Everything was normal. The flames of war were engulfing the Green country. All of the women died, and all the men were in despair. Humph. Served the pathetic bunch right. Yellow country's army was the best. The most fighters, the best strategies, the most strength. Cody mused over this as she sipped tea in her rose garden. Rai was trimming the white roses tenderly and with care, picking out damaged or dying roses and placing them in a basket beside him. He always did this. He was too kind to throw even dead plants away if they could be salvaged, and went to give them away in the village when he groomed the prickly bushes. After a moment he stood, wiping his hands on a small white towel he carried with him, and went into the castle. At around this time the princess was growing hungry. She was ready for her snack.
Cody watched the butterflies swarming the flowers, landing with delicate feet on the thorns and using long tongues to drink out bitter nectar. She smiled innocently, watching them. No matter what happened... Life went on. That illusion was silly, even to the fourteen-year-old. She was merely waiting for her servant to return so she could order him to fix her snack.

But the boy was always two steps ahead of her. He wheeled out the small snack cart, a pleasant smile on his face. He stopped before her, handing her a napkin and chuckling softly at her surprised expression. Rai lifted the lid off of the tray with a slight flourish, bowing. "Today's snack is brioche, Milady." he said softly. She smiled again, her lips curling up. Her servant could cook the best sweets around. He got better at his brioche every time he made it, which was only every now and again. Rai stood by her, as was usual, while she ate. Then he suddenly disappeared, walking off towards one of the rose bushes to continue his grooming of them. Once finished with her snack, she was content to watch him. But only for a moment.

Cody got up off her chair silently, sneaking over to his basket. She fished out a pure white rose which had not quite bloomed yet. It had a small brown spot on it's soft petals, starting to rot already. The dark green of it's stem complimented it perfectly. It was a thing of beauty. Such a shame the villagers would get it... She smiled softly, stripping the stem of the dangerous-looking pale green thorns adorning it. She didn't care that her dress was becoming dirty on the small clover flowers that tried to imitate roses. She crossed silently over to Rai, bending over him. While his head was tipped down, she quickly slid the rose into his hair. Rai gave a small squeak of surprise, leaning back and bumping into her. Which, in turn, made her fall flat on her royal butt on the soft grass. He gave another squeak, looking worried as he crawled over to her on hands and knees, his golden eyes huge. "P-princess! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there and..." He trailed off. Cody's hand was touching his cheek gently, her eyes reflecting an innocent smile. Then her hand moved up, readjusting the rose she'd placed there. "Ne?" he questioned, looking confused and somewhat lost puppy-ish. This only made her smile wider. "Rai~!" she sang. "You look good with a rose." A blush lit his cheeks, soft pink dusted on the pale skin. Cody didn't give compliments, she received them. He smiled kindly back at her, taking her hand gently. "Then what does that say about the person who owns the rose?" he murmured, kissing her hand. Cody looked satisfied. She'd regained power over her servant. She felt... Happy here. It was normal again. She blinked at him when Rai pulled away from her, pulling up several long-stemmed clovers. He turned away from her, hiding his precise fingers as he weaved. Cody peeked over his shoulder impatiently, but couldn't see. After a few minutes, Rai turned with a bright smile, placing something on her head. She blinked again in surprise, feeling it. He'd taken the flowers and braided the stems and leaves together, making a ring. "It's really pretty, Rai!" she cried, tackling him to the ground and smothering him with a hug. The boy smiled again sweetly, pushing them back into a sitting position. "We cannot get your dress dirty, Princess." he reminded. She startled him by laughing. A laugh that was so sweet and innocent... He laughed with her until their sides hurt. He helped her back into her chair, fixing her another cup of tea.

Then Rai turned, about to get on with gardening. But her hand stopped him. "Rai..." He turned, blinking curiously. He was greeted with a huge smile.

"Thank you."


Flames of war engulfed the Green country. Yellow soldiers were going through, killing off all the women with green hair. Any men or children that resisted were killed as well. Livestock was slaughtered and eaten by soldiers or taken back to the palace. Crops were eaten, then burned. The Green country stood no chance. Once their grisly work was done, the army returned to the Yellow country's palace. Exhausted and beaten. Only a handful were unaccounted for. Dead or wounded were left behind.

Cody watched the returning army through her large windows, smiling pleasantly. But then she frowned. Naito had refused to come to her castle. He must be angry with her. But why? Surely he wouldn't know it was she? Rai was busy mulling about in the back ground. Working, working. But he was humming a merry tune she remembered from when she'd first asked him to sing to her.
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PostSubject: Re: What I've Been Working On The Last Week...   What I've Been Working On The Last Week... EmptySat Feb 19, 2011 2:28 pm

((Sorry for the double post, but this is the last of Daughter of Evil. Nevermind the suckiness and corny ending. XD))

Cody watched the returning army through her large windows, smiling pleasantly. But then she frowned. Naito had refused to come to her castle. He must be angry with her. But why? Surely he wouldn't know it was she? Rai was busy mulling about in the back ground. Working, working. But he was humming a merry tune she remembered from when she'd first asked him to sing to her. He knew of her love for his singing. She felt momentarily furious at Naito. If he hadn't fallen for that puddle of algae from the Green country, this wouldn't have happened. She wouldn't have had to burn the Green country. They'd used to be her allies. Now...

She dismissed the thought with anger. It wasn't her fault. It was all his! She'd done nothing. He'd done everything. She'd saved him and he repayed her by being ungrateful. Hmph. Typical. She looked back over at Rai, who was looking at her, smiling and holding out her favorite tea cup. She hadn't heard him going into the kitchen... "Your tea, Princess?" he said softly. Lately he'd been... Very stoic with his expressions. He was definitely quieter than before. Ever since he'd been ordered to kill Alice... He never showed anything anymore besides a kind and loving expression. Cody took the cup, a little irritated with him now. So? So what if he'd loved her?! It was done now and he needed to move on! Nothing could change the past and she regretted none of it. Yet.

Two days after the Yellow army's return, another war started. A Blue marksman and a Red swordswoman led the angry citizens towards the castle. These were from the Yellow country, and the Blue and Green countries. All three of them were too deadly for the poor exhausted army to face. It was no task at all... No task at all to knock them over and have them begging for mercy. Those who weren't dead joined the rebelling army. As soon as their army fell, Maery and all the other servants fled. Except for Rai, who remained by his Princess' side. He was behind her, putting her hair in a bun, when the front doors flew open. Rai looked out the window, then rushed to the doors of the room and locked them. "It seems our reign has come to an end, Princess." he noted quietly. The girl looked terrified. She'd be killed! The guillotine was waiting for her! Nothing could stop them except Rai. He was a fair swordsman but he wouldn't stand a fighting chance against an army that huge. But they wouldn't kill him. They couldn't. She started steeling herself for death, ignoring the fluttery feeling of panic in her chest. She was so afraid, though... She was only fourteen! An age far too young for a death so gruesome. And for a noble! How barbaric of those people....
Then Rai turned to her, smiling kindly. "Your orders, Milady?"

Ten minutes later the doors flew open, revealing the same Red woman that had been sniveling to her several months before in a suit of red armor with a long sword hanging down her side, covered in the blood of Yellow. The princess turned around from the cupboard she'd just locked. There was crying from inside. Peh. The swordswoman shoved her out of the way, gripping her arms tightly and holding the sword at her throat. She looked angry, curling her lip in disgust. "Filthy peasants. Have you no manners?" she asked icily with a laugh. The blade was pressed tighter to her throat as Naito went to the closet. He'd been the one to find Alice of Green's body, deep in the well and bloody. He'd been there when the first fires were set to her beautiful country. He was furious. He wanted nothing more than to kill the princess. The Blue man opened the cupboard, showing a tiny boy, sniveling and curled into a ball. Golden eyes locked on his, pleading and full of fearful tears. It was merely the servant. The Princess began to struggle. "Don't you harm him!" she spat. The prince almost killed him to spite her. But a look from Ren- the swordswoman's name, as he'd learned- stopped him. She dismissed the servant, who ran off only after his princess gave him the order and a small but cruel smile. The Princess went out with them docilely. On the way out, an angry villager threw a rock at her. It hit the side of her face, sending a stream of blood down the side of her face. She merely winced, looking down like she was ashamed. Her blonde hair matted to the side of her face, and the swordswoman seemed to shield her from the attacks from the people below.

Princess Cody was taken to a prison in the middle of the village, with a set time of two days. Three 'o clock was the execution time. A slight white-haired girl was her 'servant'. She merely brought the Princess' food. She learned the white-haired girl's name was Yin.

The bells rang in a rather lame way. She remembered them from when she was a small baby. Blessing her... Announcing her to the throne... Her stomach clenched in fear of her execution. It was two fifty-seven. Three minutes until three 'o clock. She didn't struggle as the guards put her wrists in the appropriate place, making her crouch on her knees to put her head through. The piece of wood locked over her with a 'snap'! She couldn't get away now. Even if she wanted to. This would make sure her 'servant' was safe.

You are my princess, I am only your servant.
Fate tore us apart, a pair of sad twins.

She spotted him in the crowd, staring at her with huge golden eyes. But he was different. His eyes were even more feminine, wavering with tears. His face was softer. He wasn't Rai anymore, not with the huge dirty cloak he sported. He was no longer the servant of a tyrranical princess. He was free.

Even if the whole world turned against you I will
Make sure that you smile.
Just like you did before.

The person who said she was the Princess smiled as their eyes met. The church bells doled one more time. She was certainly beautiful, ready for death. In her trademark black-trimmed yellow dress, black flowers sprouting thornily from her pinned up hair, revealing a smooth neck. Her golden eyes filled with tears as the once-servant tripped and fell, holding a little bottle. She could not see the contents. It was three 'o clock. Staring down at her twin, she smiled, tears running down her cheeks as she said, "Look. It's time for my snack." The blade which had been hanging above proudly gleamed viciously in the sun as it came down. There was no sound but blood running down onto the ground and off the sides of the guillotine. The Princess was dead.

The servant in the crowd wailed aloud as the church bells doled happily over the death of someone so evil. No one noticed him. They thought of his strange resemblance to his former Princess, but did not cast him a second thought.

If I could be reborn
The first thing that I'd do.

In his hands he clutched a bottle with a paper note in it. A small, withered ring of dried flowers was looped around it. Dead and brittle stems of clover. The servant started to feel regret. Because he was the one who should have died that day. Not the Princess. Not the girl who was, truly, the Daughter of Evil.

Is find you... And ask,
"Would you play with me again?"
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